#3-Vidyārambham @ Shanmukhapriya School of Music

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Happy to share a few photographs of  Sangeetha Vidyārambham at Shanmukhapriya School of Music.

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  • Carnatic Vocal – Beginners &  Intermediary /
  • Veena – Beginners & Intermediary /


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#6-Carnatic Singing Lesson – Kandena Govindana-Adi-Chandrakouns


Here is a recording of the Krithi Kandena Govindana in Raga Chandrakouns composed by Sri. Purandaradasar. This krithi was taught in the recent workshop conducted in Bangalore and it is just a glimpse of what we did during the afternoon session.

The krithi is sung in a slow pace for learning purpose. Refer to the notations for guidance in swara sthanas. Intended for students in Intermediary Level in Carnatic Music.

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#23-Analysis of Sankarabharanam Ata Tala Varnam

Sankarabharanam is one of the five grand ragas in the Carnatic System of Music, the other four being Todi, Bhairavi, Kalyani and Kamboji. The raga with its grandeur and majesticity reminds Lord Dakshinamurthy in deep penance. The raga evokes both Sringara and Bhakthi Rasa. The quality of calmness is brought out by the Jeeva Swaram Gandharam, which is very much still as a rock without any oscillation as the Lord in Penance. It is the ROYAL RAGA among the ragas of Carnatic Music commanding great respect ! It has been rightly referred to as ‘Raga Rajasya Melakaha’ in the Chaturdandiprakasika by Venkatamakhi.

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Carnatic Singing Lessons

Dear Friends,

 Here is a small attempt to share some basic soulful bhajans and slokas for the kids to learn –  named as Carnatic Singing Lessons available in the main navigation bar.  These are small audio files recorded at home .  Kids can hear and learn the same and sing  during their daily prayers.  A download option is also available.

1. A Hymn Praising Lord Ganesha

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