#49-Guru-The Supreme Energy-Guru Poornima 2017

Today was a Blessed Day for me. Had visited my Guru and was immensely blessed !!

Humble prostrations at the lotus feet of all the Gurus’ in my life on this most auspicious Guru Poonima Day. This doesn’t mean that we should offer our heartfelt thanks to our Gurus only on this day. Our devotion and respect to the Guru should be always there in us, every moment we live, in our mind and heart, ever thankful.

In this short Guru Poonima message, I would like to reiterate once again that our life is short and we have to live it to the fullest extent possible to our every waking moment. We are all too busy that we do not have time to work on ourselves, like getting rid of our nasty temper or doing every day exercises without finding excuses(for not doing it). Our focus is on too many things or ideas that we end up doing nothing. So firstly, let us make a resolution and a conscious effort to sharpen our focus to live up to a point, the very purpose of our life (remembering the role of a pencil- it is single point concentration). Let us learn to create an undefeatable mindset and fix our goals. Let us realise that time is running out and let us take a stock of what we have really done towards the fulfillment of our goal. For some, it may be writing a book, become a renowned performer, get a perfectly healthy disease free body, to inspire others by helping them to accomplish their goals etc.

“To accomplish a life mission is not that simple”, says wise people who have really accomplished when they lived on this planet. Following our passion or life mission will make us happy though we are progressing only inch by inch. But it gives a sense of fulfillment to us that we have started the journey towards the realisation of our goal and note that we are PROGRESSING. When we are doing something that we truly love to do, there is a sense of deep contentment. We enjoy the process of doing our life mission. While doing this,  we may have to step out of our comfort zone. We may need to change our habits slightly and let us remember that Change is always Uncomfortable at first.

Let us remember that our Guru is always there to guide us. He is ever willing to help us. He is already there at the destination. He knows where the pitfalls are and how to overcome it. Once my Guru said, Pain is always the precursor to personal growth. So Growth is directly proportionate to the Struggle or Pain you undergo in realising your mission. Your Guru directs you whether the phase of Struggle you are passing through will lead you to the right path or to a different path. As a disciple let us develop the quality of closely following the footsteps of our Guru. When we are in the presence of a Guru, the divine vibration felt by us eventually changes our thinking patterns, clean up the darker areas of our sub-conscious mind and make them selfless.

Once a disciple asked a Guru – Guruji, I am unable to control my ANGER. What is the solution?

Guruji said- firstly, you are 99% in DANGER. The 6 letter word DANGER is made up of the 5 letter word ANGER. Now, if you want to keep your Anger under control, you have to learn the art of becoming more patient, compassionate and forgiving. This will make you mentally strong. When you become mentally strong, you eliminate the emotions called fear and helplessness. This lack of Fear will make you Courageous. This Courage gives you the Freedom and Confidence to do what you want to do(because you know,what you are doing is right!). It gives you the quality of Self-control and Persistence and you will persist where others have failed or given up!. Finally, people who have accomplished epic results in their life are well equipped with this shield of Courage and Persistance.

Let me conclude this short message on Guru Poornima by offering Ananthakodi Namaskarams at the Lotus Feet of all the Gurus’ in my life. Let us remember that lasting happiness is achieved by steadily working towards the accomplishment of our goals and confidently advancing in the direction of our life’s purpose.

Wishing All a Blessed Guru Poornima ! 

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