#159-Live Recordings of Palakkad Rama Bhagavathar

Palghat Rama Bhagavathar (5th June 1888 – 26th May 1957) was not born great nor was greatness thrust on him. He became a “great man” by his total dedication to Carnatic Music and “departed leaving behind him foot prints on the sands of time” ever firmly, ever perceivable and non-erasable. The Tamil poets Avvaiyar has said, “Rare is it to be born as a human being, rarer still is to be born with one’s body and mind without defects and rarest of all is to have one’s faculties fully functional and focused in the service of God and One’s fellow human beings”.

Palakkad Rama Bhagavathar and Rukmini

Palakkad Rama Bhagavathar and Rukmini

Rama Bhagavathar with his blemishless body, mind and soul directed all his faculties with single-minded devotion in the service of his chosen Deity, Lord Rama and in giving bliss and delight to his fellow human beings through the medium of Carnatic music. Despite all odds through his tireless efforts and unwavering devotion he raised to Himalayan heights in Carnatic Music. His modest home in Old Kalpathy, Palghat still seems to echo his raga alapanas, swara prastharas, sangathis and kalpana swaras.

Rama Bhagavathar’s residence was always open to those who desired to learn Krithis from him for which he charged no fees.  Among the Bhagavathar’s important disciples were:

The late Sangitha  Kalanidhi K.V.Naryanaswami
The late Puthucode Krishnamurthy
K.S.Shankaran Nambudari

Courtesy :www.ramabhagavatar.com


1  Poorvi Kalyani – ALAPANA
2  Poorvi Kalyani – Parama Pavana Rama
3  Raga Ratna Malikache Riti Gowla
4  Kedara Gowla – Neelakantam
6  TODI – Kaddanu Variki – Thyagaraja
7  Entani ni Mukhari
8  Maya Ateetha Swaroopini – Mayamalava Gowla
9  Nadar Mudi – Punnagavarali.
10 Shivaloka Nathanai – mayamalavagowla
11 Vachamago Charudani – Atana
12 Tiruppugazh – Vari Meedhe

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