#29- Concert @ International Medical Conference at Kochi

Was privileged to be invited for a concert, for the International Medical Conference that’s happening at Crowne Plaza. We had an elite and very receptive audience who were Doctors from all parts of the world belonging to various Departments like Neuro, Oncology etc. Happy to say that I was given an opportunity to give the details of therapeutic effects of ragas in Carnatic Music System to a TEAM OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS . This theme was well received by the doctors who gave us a standing ovation after the concert . The doctors came up for a discussion about the effect of ragas after the concert was over.

It was not a fusion programme. It was a core Carnatic Concert with vibrant Alapana, Tanam and Swara Prastharam with excellent Tani by the Percussion Artists.. A small attempt by my TEAM NADASUDHA to bring Music Therapy into mainstream that compliments other Medical Systems of Treatment.

Thanking Dr. Ashok Pillai, Chief – Amrita Advanced Centre for Robotic Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Neurosurgery for providing us this excellent opportunity.

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One thought on “#29- Concert @ International Medical Conference at Kochi

  1. At the outset ,I wish the team Nadasudha and their families a very happy New year and Pongal greetings. My name is Indira Venkatesh, originally from Mumbai but now settled in Kolkata. I read through all your writeups and thoroughly appreciate the way you run your Shanmukhapriya school of music. Wish I could have been a part of your school. But I suppose it is a wee bit late. I am 73yrs today and I am an ardent lover of Carnatic Music. I like your approach to music, period. My best wishes to you in all your endeavours in keeping our rich heritage aloft to its pinnacle of glory. To my eyes when I saw you sitting with the Veena in a white attire, it was as if Goddess Saraswathi was in person. Continue with the good work that your team has been doing and may the Lord Almighty shower his blessings on you.

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