#44- Lord Krishna – Janmashtami and Enlightenment !

Wishing  All Friends and Visitors of this Blog

A Very Very Happy Gokulashtami !!

sri bhagavaan uvaacha
kaamyaanaam karmanaam nyaasam sannyaasam kavayoviduh
sarvakarmaphalatyaagam praahustyaagam vichakshanaah

// Bhagavad Gita – Chapter 18.2 //

Sri Bhagavan said
The renunciation of works induced by desire is understood by the sages to be Sannyasa while the surrender of the fruits of all works is called Tyaga by the wise.

Both Sannyasa and Tyaga are disciplines in our activities. These terms do not indicate that work should be ignored. On the other hand Gita insists that we must always work. But work can be executed with efficiency if these two factors viz. desire prompted action and desire for its reward are eliminated in which case the work becomes an inspired and noble action.

Inertia or non-action is not ideal. Action without any selfish desires or expectation of gain, performed in the spirit that `I am not the doer, I am surrendering myself to the Universal Self’ is the ideal set before us.

The Gita does not teach the complete renunciation of works but the conversion of all works into nishkama karma or desireless action.


Lord Steals Butter !  

Now this picture teaches us a lesson.

The picture depicts Lord Krishna stealing butter and distributing to his friends. With this simple childhood prank, Lord teaches a great lesson. While Lord takes the butter that is kept at unreachable heights for the kids, it simply means that people who are prosperous, fortunate and affluent in the society should share a portion of their fortune and riches  to the lesser fortunate people. Perhaps such people should not forget their friends and wellwishers who extended their support to him , to come up to this level. Krishna does the same. HE takes the support of his friends and reaches the top, take the butter and then distributes it to them, while HE also enjoys the same.

Second interpretation is this. The butter implies the Atma. The Atma is never born nor it dies . Atma does not belong to this human body where it resides.  The pot (represents the human body where the Atma is dwelling) is broken by Krishna, to show us that the body to which we give so much of importance does not have any significance at all. Just like butter is hidden in milk, the Atma  invisibly residing in this human body can be  REALISED by churning our mind and thoughts by constantly contemplating on HIM.  This contemplation or churning in  our mind will give us the Butter of Enlightenment  by removing the darkness called as IGNORANCE !..

Once again wishing all a very Divine Janmashtami  – 2016 !  🙂


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