Hailing from a musically endowed family,  I was initiated into music by my  parents Sri.N.Kameswaran and Smt. Renganayaki  Kameswaran at the age of 7. Other than my parents, I had great gurus who had blessed my life and you can read them here in the Gurus’ page.

I am musician and can be best described as an amalgamation of a vainika, vocalist, composer, musicologist and a person keenly interested raaga therapy. I am currently under the tutelage Sri. A. Ananthapadmanabhan who is a renowned vainika of global repute.

I have  been imparting musical education through my  music school established in 1997, Shanmukhapriya School of Music. There is active sharing of my musical knowledge to wider community via the  YouTube channel, Shanmukhapriya Academy of Music. I am an active blogger too and happy to mention that this blog is used as a reference material by many students of music colleges.

Feeling honoured of conducting  Vipanchika Mahotsavam viz. Veena fest in Kerala, since  2019, on the occasion of Vasant Panchami / Basant Panchami every year.

Shanmukhapriya School of Music

Shanmukhapriya School of Music

Shanmukhapriya School of Music

Shanmukhapriya School of Music

Have released  an album for Stress Relief in Raga Bowli , as a part of Music Therapy Treatment for Sanjeevanam  Ayurveda, based on Bhagavad Gita. 

With a career extending over two decades,  I am more interested in the subject Music Therapy.  I strongly believe that a combination of Manthras and  the curative power of ragas can bring a Himalayan change in human beings as far as the health aspect is concerned.

My activities are centered around learning music, teaching music, listening music and practicing music. Also conducting workshops in Carnatic Vocal and Veena on Thematic basis.

Currently working on a project of incorporating Carnatic Music as a subject in Schools along with other main stream subjects.  Main stream schools who wish to incorporate Carnatic Music in their syllabus may please contact at anuradha7.mahesh@gmail.com

I take great efforts to adhere to the strict classical values imbibed from my gurus.


  • Secured First Rank for MA – Music / Vocal- Kerala University
  • Composed Bhagavad Gita and sung with Veena background score for Music Therapy session during Ayurvedic Treatments.
  • Has composed for the Classical counterpart of the Classical/Cinematic Instrumental Musical Fusion Programmes.
  • Has performed concerts in various festivals organised by temples and institutions in Kerala.
  • Presented a Paper on Kamakshi Navavaranams at the International Seminar conducted by Veda Samskruthi Nilayam during November 2017 at Hyderabad.
  • At present Director of Shanmukhapriya School of Music– Teaching Vocal Music and Veena

Last, but not the least, I would suggest  the upcoming talents  to concentrate more on listening good music, as 80% of knowledge is acquired through listening. Practice of music should be a ritual and any student who practices 6-8 hours a day continuously for 5 years will not find it difficult to climb the ladder of success. Also I would like to tell the students that  EARNING is very much a part of LEARNING , which will bestow both Saraswathi Kataksham and Lakshmi Kataksham.

Workshops are undertaken on the following themes.

  • Classic and Rare Adi Tala Varnams and Ata Tala Varnams
  • Jathiswarams in different Ragas ( Dance Form of Music)
  • Rare Geethams
  • Ghanaraga Pancharatnam – Tyagaraja
  • Divyanama Krithis of Tyagaraja
  • Jayadeva Ashtapadi / Gita Govindam
  • Kamakshi Navavaranams of Ooththukkad Venkatakavi (Navarathri Theme)
  • Kamalamba Navavaranams of  Muthuswami Dikshtar – (Navarathri Theme)
  • Navarathri Kritis of Swathi Tirunal- (Navarathri Theme)
  • Voice Culture Exercises
  • Concept of Manodharma Sangeetham
  • Rare Krithis of  Tyagaraja, Dikshitar and Syama Sastri, Swathi Tirunal, Annamacharya
  • Veena Workshop & More…… 

You can contact me at anuradha7.mahesh@gmail.com to conduct workshops at your institution

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  1. namaste madam,
    i am in service and have started learning music keyboard for the last one year(i am 43). i live in karaikal in the east coast. i am very happy to see that you are teaching ashtapadi bhajan etc.,. i have heard the ashtapadi songs from childhood during radha kalyanams and nowadays in audio system.
    please help me with the notations for playing the bhajan songs in keyboard.
    to begin with please give me the notations for the thodaka mangalam.

    thank you a lot.

    k rajaganapathy

  2. Dear Madam,

    Nice Blog on Carnatic music. My son is learning carnatic music from last two years. Good to know lot details on carnatic music from your blog.

  3. Enjoyed going through your blog…Can i share the link of your blog in Carnatic Music forum in facebook…This blog will reach many rasikas and will be good benefit to them..


  4. Pranams. When i try to download “janmashtami celebrations 2012″ iam getting the reply from media fire” permission denied”.Expecting your help,

  5. Awesome compilation, looking forward to see more. I will show these to my daughters for their upgraded music learning and for a well-rounded and grounded mindset.

  6. Really happy to know you mam and ur blog is very informative and fantastic.My gratitude to u ..Thank you ! 🙂

  7. Namaste Mam..

    I am Vivek .. working as an engineer in Saudi Arabia…I didn’t learn music but fond of it like anythng..infact addicted to it. I happened see your blog today and after going through it’s contents I thought of leaving reply now itself. I have been searching for such stuffs for a long time and Im much interested because of the addition of music therapy in it. Life and job here is full of stress and i want to come out of it with the power of music. As the legend Late Dakshinamurthy swamy says Music is god itself. No difference. Listening such divine music is equal to praying to god I believe. I will be regular view of this blog anyways and thanking you for such an endeavor. God Bless mam….

  8. Namaste!!

    I would like to know if I am fortunate to learn music being with you for a while!! I dont know why I feel and see my Guru in you the moment I saw you on the net!! Please let me know the possibilities, I am located in Hyderabad, I am a Naturopathy doctor, also a carnatic music vocalist, very much interested in practicing music therapy… May I know if you would agree to teach me music?? I am not interested in online courses, even if it is for a few hours, I want to learn something in your physical presence… You r very graceful.. Hope you would reply me very soon…

    • Hello Vinaya

      I am primarily a housewife and mother of two kids with a busy schedule of classes in between for the local students here. I cannot promise for sure that I will find time for you too. Let us wait till next March when the summer vacation begins. If by any chance you visit Kerala, you are welcome to my place.

      Best Wishes

  9. Dear Ms. Anuradha Mahesh,

    I’m interested in learning Carnatic Music Vocal. I’d been to classes when I was in Dubai and Chennai in the past and have learnt it till Varnams. But, due to my work (I’m a frequent travelling IT person) I’m not able to attend the classes continuously. Will it be possible for you to teach me over Skype? Please let me know. Thanks and regards-Murali Krishnan

  10. Hello ma’am
    I am a housewife too , I have learnt music upto few varnam sand few keethanams , now I would like to pursue this further as my kids are also naturally talented and I would like to encourage them and be a role model for them . Please let me know if you can teach on Skype or FaceTime whichever is convenient for you, I live in the east coast US.
    Thank you.

  11. Hi Anuradha,

    I discovered your blogs quiet recently and i am hooked to them! There is so much info for rasikas and learners.

    I have learnt both vocal and veena upto a level and would like to continue pursuing music. But i have now moved to San Francisco after my marriage and could not carry my Veena along from Bangalore, my home town since the airlines said they would charge $600 to let us check in the packed Veena box. I have been trying to find ways to transport it from India, but they all seem very expensive. If you happen to know how to transport it from India, would you please let me know. I would also like some info about good teachers in San Francisco Bay Area who teach Veena and Vocal. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hello Sindhu

      Firstly, I do not know any people in San Fransisco who teaches music as I live in Kerala/India. Secondly, I have not carried one to US and hence do not know the cost of transporting etc. I know it is very expensive to transport Veena to US. I think you have no other option, but to book through airlines, if you are very particular in resuming Veena lessons.

    • Madam, sorry to interrupt in your conversation. But I carried my veena from Madras Airport to Washington DC Dulles airport, in Ethihad airways as a check in luggage, at no extra cost.My email ID is marugallalitha@gmail.com. If you want more info, I will help you.

  12. Namaste,
    I have a child 21 years old with developmental delay and she loves Carnatic classical music. I was wondering have you done music therapy for kids with this condition? She listen to music every day. Do you have any suggestions? where is your school located?

    • Hello Tara

      Please note that I am not a music therapist. But I am closely watching the effects of ragas. I would suggest you to teach your child with instrumental music where both hands are employed. If she can sing start training her with classical music. Let her hear a lot of music too. I live in Kerala, precisely in ernakulam district.

    • Hello Prabha

      No specific song comes to my mind. But generally many families do render songs praising their respective kuladaivam. Another favourite song sung during this occasion is Sri Vaidyanatham -Ataana raga- Adi tala by Muthuswami Dikshithar. The lyrics for the song is posted.
      Raga: aThANA / Tala: Adi

      P: shrI vaidyanAtham bhajAmi shritajana vandita bAlAmbikEsham

      A: dhavaLita vaidyanAtha kSEtram dayAsudhA sAgaram trinEtram avinAsha kaivalyAdi pradam Anandakara mUlAdi pradam

      C: dEvarAjAdi pUjita padam divyAmbara dhara guruguha mudam kavijanAdinutasOmAskandam kamanIya nAdabindu kalAspadam

  13. hello madam, my name is Sangeeta and iam 25years old, married and a new mom. iam basically a trained classical dancer but i also sing (not trained yet). my father is a carnatic vocalist so i know bit of music i guess. i would love to learn carnatic music from u online. please let me know the details of it.

  14. I am bhavaniprasad from pune. wants to know which raga /music is good for pregnant women which helps for good growth of baby.
    from where we can get/buy music composed on veena.

    • The raga that comes to my mind is Yamunakalyani. I have written a review about this raga in the carnatic raga appreciation page. Pls do read. Search for this raga in the net. You may get lot of links from where you could buy this.

  15. Dear Mam,
    I am looking for Guru. M.D.Ramanathan’s 1980 concert at Coimbatore that has Rama Nee Samanamevaru elaborated at length. Any chance you or known persons may have it to share. It is for private collection. I would also buy if it is available from any commercial release.
    Vijay Menon

  16. Madam I am trying to register to download some of your lessons I am not able to do register, kindly help me. I really like the way your teaching of varnams and explanations of ragas.
    thank you.

  17. excellent blog….sister not different from brother…I am mentioning about Mr.Narayanan who is my teacher in music when i was in Tulsa. Both sister are brother are great.

  18. Me and my sister interested in learning carnatic music and already we got 3yrs exp. How to contact you madam?

  19. Hello mam,

    I’m learning carnatic music mam. I need a guru to learn and develop my career . can u pls help me and suggest a good teacher in and around t.nagar

  20. namaskaram.i am trained in music.but i can identify ragaas.but i confuse maand with yamankalyani.yesterday i went through your beautiful,inofmrative site and listened to lot of yamunakalayani.both have different aarohanam and avarohanam. still how to identify

    • Hello Neelakandan

      Maand is a desya raga derived from 29th mela Sankarabharanam and has its origin from Rajasthani folk music.. Maand uses an all major scale notes in its descent that gives its peculiar colour. Even Yamunakalyani is very popular in Hidnustani but derived from 65th Mela Mechakalyani. Both these ragas can be seen widely used in singing bhajans, folk tunes etc. Technically speaking, Maand doesn’t have Prathimadhyamam whereas Yamunakalyani though derived from Kalyani has both Madhyamams.

      The Arohana Avarohana of Maand is

      S G2 M1 P D2 S and S N2 D2 P M1 G2 R2 S

      The Arohana Avarohana of Yamunakalyani is

      S R2 G2 P M2 G2 P D2 N2 D2 S AND S N2 D2 P M2 G2 M1* R2 S

      Yamunakalyani uses shuddha madhyam sparingly, as an occasional contrast to be given among the otherwise tivra-madhyam dominant phrases. But again we can see that there is another version of Maand which is called as Misra Maand which uses anya swaras like Kaisiki Nishadam or Prathimadhyam. Both these ragas are natural flowing light melodies. But if we closely listen, we can distinguish between these two ragas. S, M and P are strong notes in Maand. They are played or sung with full force. Nishadam is sung lightly in this raga in avarohanam.

  21. Dear Mam,
    Excellent blog for all music aspirants.

    Its highly appreciatable that you’ve detailed each n every aspect about music in simple n more clearer. The upcoming music enthusiastics will get a close reference and inspiration like a handy book through this great blog.
    As an ardent fan of classical music, i really enjoying this blog articles and once again applausing your immense effort for us mam. Wishing all success in your music voyage.
    You will always be blessed by Sree Vaikuntanadhan and Devi Ma.

  22. This blog is a result of Marvelous effort. Congrats on that madam.
    Do you handle classes at Chennai Madam? Can u give me the contact details and fee structure for classes ?

  23. I hv started MusiYoga a method of singing through Nabhi in Chennai.Aligning with the Chalras,pancha booth am and Ragas in Himdusthani style with simple words shlokas etc.I would like to Speak to you. My name is M.O.Parthasarathy

  24. mam im residing at coimbatore…im studing in cit..i have learnt carnatic music till gheetham….im very keen and i really want to continue this…pls help me with this mam..

  25. Hello Madam,

    I am looking for a experienced Carnatic teacher for my daughter who is good in singing and need guidance to progress to next level. Please let me know some best Carnatic teachers you can recommend in Coimbatore. Thanks.

  26. Dear Anuradha Mam .. I am interested in teaching my son and daughter classical music. Can I know if you teach at home ? or only at the music centre.?

  27. Dear Anuradha
    I am an Ayurvedic student in Australia investigating the treatment of Autism. Can you shed light on any study or information using the Raga as therapy & you would be kind enough to share.

    Kind Regards

  28. Hello, Smt. Anuradha Mahesh,
    Your website and blogs are very informative and useful. Thanks. I am looking for notation for Sri Annamacharya’s composition Vande Vasudevam in Sri Ragam, Khanda Chapu Talam. Can you help me find this or if you have, can you share?


    Shankar Sastry

  29. Hello madam

    Do you take classes in skype. If so what would be fees for beginners and intermediate level (learnt till some carnams keertana,..) students

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