Carnatic Singing Lessons

Here is a small attempt to share some basic soulful bhajans and slokas for the kids to learn –  named as Carnatic Singing Lessons available in the main navigation bar.  These are small audio files recorded at home.   Kids can hear and learn the same and sing  during their daily prayers. Some fundamental varisais are also uploaded to facilitate learning. A download option is also available.

#14-Learn Classic and Rare Geetham Series- Ganapathiye- Mayamalavagowla

#13-Carnatic Singing Lesson-Sloka Yaakundendu….

#12-Gita Govindam – Ashtapadi Classes

#11-Carnatic Singing Lesson-Dasashloki

#10- Carnatic Singing Lesson-Thiruppugazh-Raga Khamas

#9-Carnatic Singing Lesson-Karunai Deivame Karpagame-Adi-Sindhubhairavi

#8-Ganesha Pancharatnam Stotram-By Adi Sankara-Audio

#7-Vakra Janta Varisai -2 Notations and Audio Lesson

#6-Carnatic Singing Lesson – Kandena Govindana-Adi-Chandrakouns

#5-Carnatic Singing Lesson – Devadeva Kalayami-Rupakam-Mayamalavagowla

#4-Vakra Janta Varisai Class with Students

#3-Daily Slokas for Kids


#2-A few more Bhajans for the kids to learn.. 🙂

05-Bhajan- Ragam : Sindhubhairavi Talam : Adi

06-Paripalaya-Reethigowla-Rupakam-Tyagaraja-Divya Naama Keerthanam

07-Rama Bhajan – Ragam Mohanam Talam : Adi

Click Here to Listen and Download


#1. Beginning with a  Hymn Praising Lord Ganesha


02-Achutham Kesavam-A Bhajan on Lord Krishna

Achutham Kesavam  Krishna Damodaram
Rama Narayanam Janaki Vallabham                         ( Achutham Kesavam)

Kaun Kahathe Hai Bhagwaan Aathe Nahin
Thum Meera Ke Jaise Bulathe Nahin                         ( Achutham Kesavam)

Kaun Kahathe Hai Bhagwaan Khaathe Nahin
Ber Sabari Ke Jaise Khilaathe Nahin                       (Achutham Kesavam)

Kaun Kahathe Hai Bhagwaan Sothe Nahin
Maa Yasoda Ke Jaise Sulaathe Nahin                       ( Achutham Kesavam)

Kaun Kahathe Hai Bhagwaan Naachthe Nahin
Gopiyaan Ke Tharah Thum Na Chahthe  Nahin        ( Achutham Kesavam)


03-Bhajman Ram 

Bhajman Raam Bhajman Raam
Paandurang Sreerang Bhajman Raam

Bhajman Govinda Bhajman Mukunda
Bhajman Ananda Bhajman Raam

Bhajman Madhav Bhajman Kesav
Bhajman Yaadav Bhajman Raam

Bhajman Sreedhara Bhajman Bhoothara
Bhajman Aadhaara Bhajman Raam

Bhajman Gopaala Bhajman Gokula
Bhajman Vittala Bhajman Raam


04-Bhajan-Vinayaka-Raga-Naata-Adi Talam

Vinayaka Vinayaka Vighna Vinasaka Vinayaka
Sambukumara Vinayaka Sankari Puthra Vinayaka

Bala Ganapathey Vinayaka Parama Dayaala Vinayaka
Bhaktha janapriya Vinaayaka Paada Namasthe Vinayaka

Click Here to Read about Naattai Raga Appreciation

34 thoughts on “Carnatic Singing Lessons

  1. Hi! I think the lyrics of Achutham Kesavam need to be corrected in the Maa Yasodha stanza..”Sulaathe nahin” instead of “khilaathe nahin”

  2. Madam
    Excellent for your effort and as mentioned by you this is not a “small” attempt. I wish to add that this is a great effort and will be responded not only by kids but also by elders who so far not known these.

  3. Namaskaram mam, Regarding Achyutham Keshavambhajan Stanza “There Sabari Ke Jaise Khilaathe Nahin” needs correction I guess word there should be replaced with BER which means a indian berry fruit.

  4. Anu mam my name is john from australia, i am doing caranatic music practice , could please explian about the voice rest for practice and food diet(kerala food)

    thank you john

    • Hello John

      Please read through these topics in the music lessons page.

      #13-Art and Science of Singing Voice
      #10-A to Z Singing Tips
      #6-Tips to Develop Your Singing Voice-explains Food Habits too..
      #3-Develop Your Singing Voice
      #1-How to Develop Your Voice and answer to this Query from Bharadhwaj | November 9, 2012

  5. Mam I am john again,

    If we performing a music function tomorrow ( an example) we have to practice the same day morning or before the day ? could you explain about this please….,currently I am doing three hour in the morning (all varisaas in different sruthi, in morning and, mandrasthai and madhyasthai in evening in lower sruthi) and one hour in evening, is not I am in a proper way of practice or not .could you please explain about this mam

    thanks mam

    • Practice should be over before 24 hours of the concert. On the day of the concert, just warming up of your vocal muscles is sufficient covering all the octaves. Too much strain for the voice on the day of the event, will make your voice hoarse. The best thing is take a complete voice rest on the day of the concert. I mean to say that you should not even attend telephone calls. ABSOLUTELY SILENT. One more thing dont practice in different sruthis. Stick on to one particular sruthi.

    • It is said that Patnam Subramanya Iyer a great composer and musician had a refractory voice. He used to practice every morning in the early hours in neck deep water to improve his voice quality.

      But the best method is to keep on practicing or singing with a minimum 45 minutes everyday and drinking atleast 8 glasses of water to keep the vocal chords in form.

  6. Mam I am referring to this bhajan…Bhajman Raam Bhajman Raam
    Paandurang Sreerang Bhajman Raam

    Bhajman Govinda Bhajman Mukunda
    Bhajman Ananda Bhajman Raam

    Bhajman Madhav Bhajman Kesav
    Bhajman Yaadav Bhajman Raam

    Bhajman Sreedhara Bhajman Bhoothara
    Bhajman Aadhaara Bhajman Raam

    Bhajman Gopaala Bhajman Gokula
    Bhajman Vittala Bhajman Raam

    this is thilang right?

    • Hello Charu

      The song is not in raga Brindavanasaranga. It is raga sAvitri which is a harikAmbhOji (28) janya raga. The scale is
      Aa: S G3 M1 P N2 S
      Av: S N2 P M1 G3 S
      Raga Brindavansaranga has R. The song when played in Veena, gives the above scale and do not have R. Read Brindavanasaranga here.

  7. Hi, My son loves to listen to your bhajans. I am trying to download it, but the download option is not enabled. Can you please help me in this regard.


  8. Namaskaram mam.
    I am 20 years old, but i have keen interest to learn veena and vocal.i have performed in school competions with my mother’s guidance but am not trained. can u guide me with some teachers who could teach me both veena and vocal.
    thank u.

  9. Not many people are teaching both Veena and Vocal together..Kindly search for a Guru near your location..Begin with the vocal, as this is the base. A student learning instrumental music should definitely learn vocal lessons as this helps to improve the knowledge of swarasthanas and raga identification.

  10. anaithum arumai…..thamizile paattu paadi kattrukkola mudiyuma…?nandarai paad sila kurippugal thamizil sollunga anuradha mam….please…..naanoru medai…(mannikkavum muzhumaiyattra) paadagan….

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