Carnatic Raga Appreciation

I am not an expert in carnatic music,  all these reviews  reflect only my understanding of a specific raaga based on the Varnams and Krithis that I have learnt.  I have also referred ancient granthas like Sangeetha Sampradaya Pradarshini, Sangeetha Ratnakara, Sangeetha Samayasara and various other text books on music, dissertation papers and audios of Lec-dems presented by great vidwans and vidushis in  carnatic music to give a wholesome picture of the raga taken up for review. I dedicate this page to my Gurus who have made this possible for me.

#25-Pantuvarali– The Pensively Melodious Raga !

#24-Raga Varali- The essence of Purity and Vairaga (Detachment)

#23-Sivaranjani-The Raga that gathers Strength from Sadness !

#22-Mayamalavagowla- The Raga with the Freshness of Morning Dew !

#21-Vachaspati-The Raga that Exhilarates the Mind,Body and Soul

#20-GowrimanohariThe Raga that steals your heart !

#19-ArabhiThe Raga with a Pleasing and Haunting Melody !

#18-Sahana-The Raga that kindles Subtle Emotions portraying Unconditional Surrender !

#17-HindolamThe Raga with a Hypnotizing Melody..!

 #16-Yamuna KalyaniAn Endlesss Stream of Flowing  Melody

 #15-KalyaniThe Queen of Ragas – Showering Motherly Touch !

 #14-NaataiThe Raga with an Intoxicating Melody !

#13-BOWLI-The Meditative Morning Raga !

 #12-Hamsa NadaCall of a Swan !

#11-PurvikalyaniAn Aesthetically Melodious, Pleasant and Popular Raga !

 #10 – Darbari KanadaThe Emperor of Ragas and the Raga of Emperors. !

#9 – ShanmukhapriyaThe Raga with a Splendiferous Melody !

#8- MohanamThe Most Pleasing and Enchanting Raga – Truly “Jaganmohanam”– !

#7 – Charukesi- The Raga Close to the Heart !

#6-Ritigowla – The Raga with a Mesmerising Melody !

#5-Brindavanasaranga-A Most Pleasing and Emotional Raga !

#4-  HamikalyaniA cool breeze from N.India !

#3-SindhubhairaviA blend of Folk and Classical Touch !

#2- AmrithavarshiniThe Raga of Rain !

#1 – AnandaBhairaviThe Divine Raaga !



Concerts/ Songs are recorded and uploaded without any commercial intentions..or monetary benefit.. mainly for educating new entrants to carnatic and devotional music.. by providing visuals for better appreciation ..and for listening pleasure..

Copyright Disclaimer

Under section 107 of Copyright Act of 1976 allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism,comment,news reporting,teaching,scholarship and research. Fair use is permitted by copyright statue that otherwise be infringing. Non-profit,education and personal tips the balance in favor of fair use…..

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  1. Hi Anuradha,

    Nice site. I liked the brief notes on ragas and the related music – keerthanas & film songs. I see that you have just started. Please do continue with the good work. Hope to return often.


    • Hi anuradha
      It is a really beneficial site. I am doing a study” Effect of relaxation therapy on the level of anxiety prior to intrauterine insemination among infertile women’ In this i am giving progressive muscle relxation,deep breathing exercise and music therapy, for the music therapy i have taken two ragas, malhar and darbari (which has an effect on reduction of anxiety) .I got a music in darbari, but i didn’t get a relaxing song in malhar can you help me to find some melodious songs in malhar

      • Did you google ? There are lot of youtube songs in malhar..You can convert these youtube to mp3 and download them.. My collection of Hindustani Songs is very low..This site focuses on Carnatic Songs..

  2. Hi,

    I admit, I do not understand much of above. But can’t stop appreciating anything Classical, it has such inner inexplicable beauty. Any appreciation of such dedicated people as you to bring out it in such easy language, for duffers as me, will not be enough. Wish you all the best in your endeavoures to keep the good work going.


    • Thank you very much Sharat for you comments. This is a very small attempt from my part to bring out the essence of each raga in various aspects be it therapeutic, melody, divinity, humour, romance or what ever it is. Thank you for the appreciation.

  3. Dear Sir,

    A very good effort. Very useful for people who wants to improve carnatic knolwledge. We seek many more ragas to come from you,Sir


    Subramanian B

  4. Thank you very much Sir for your motivating comments. I am happy to note that this blog will be of help carnatic music learners. Pls. keep visiting and pen down your valuable comments.


    Anuradha Mahesh

  5. Hi Friend,

    Very nice songs. Just I started the first part and listened to it. Excellent work. I put this site in favourites and want to visit often. Please continue you excellent work,

    Thanks and Best Regards


  6. Thanks a million for giving valuable insight into various ragas and giving download links for both classical and film songs based on these ragas.

    Sanjay Subramaniam’s RTP on Brindavana Saranga was really uplifting. Bombay sister’s “chaliye” can be heard any number of times.

    Public interest is very high nowadays due various musical competition programs on TV.

    Really appreciate your efforts for uploading and sharing so much information and analysis, for which you would have put lots of your valuable time.

    May god bless you and family.

    Warm regards

    • Thank you very much Mr. Krishnan for the sincere words of appreciation. This is the only motivational factor that keeps me continuing to write raaga reviews. Pls. visit my site often and pass on your comments and criticisms.


      Anuradha Mahesh

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for the information…it is quite enlightening. Could you also please write a little about Varaali Ragam.

    I am somehow attracted towards it, but I am not aware of its usage in popular / commercial movie songs. Do people use it for regular singing, what rasas can be depicted by it…

    Please enlighten.

    • I will add Raga Varali to the priority list. Varali is a Ghana Raga depicitng mainly Karuna Rasa. A special feature of Varali is that in most cases it is not taught directly to the student. There is a belief that teaching of Varali direct to a student will strain the relations of guru shishya. The raga is learnt by listening directly or by self learning

  8. Really wonderful explanations about ragas, will be very useful for beginners like me. I wonder how you find time to bring these wonderful articles in-spite of tight commitments. I really appreciate your efforts.

  9. Thanks a million for your explanation and downloads on carnatic ragas, shanmukhapriya.

    “Vilayada Ithu nerama” of Maharajapuram is my favorite and is very popular.

    I am listening to RTP which you have labelled as that Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer.

    Could you please check again, since it sounds more like Maharajapuram Santhanam.
    Thanks and regards

  10. Excellent description of various raagas. I appreciate if you can provide same type details on ‘Hamsanaadam’ and ‘kiravaani’ my very favourite raags.

    Thanks and god bless you all!

    NA Haiharan Iyer

      • Dear Anuradha Mahesh,

        I think I can call you that as I am very elder to you. I sincerely thank you very very much for considering my requests and I have started adding these gems to my music bank. I look forward for more n more collections.

        With blessings to all of you.

        NA Hariharan

  11. Dear Madam

    Thank you soo much for considering my requests. I eagerly await for the same and look forward for the continuous efforts and hope that I can put forward all my doubts regarding Karnatic kritis.

    With warm regards

    NA Hariharan
    Bhuj-Kutch, GUJARAT

  12. the thing is, i mean the most important information is to know the correct time to listen every raga if we haven¨t this information , we can¨t aply this for us. Please get this information that i am looking for

  13. Hello Sandy

    Welcome to my Blog.

    I can give you the details of the timings of all the 72 melakartharagas. Give me some time. I am working on it.

    Anuradha Mahesh

  14. teacher.. i am astonished on this job.u must make this adding more and should definitely publish this as a book. it will be a boon for music students. I have only peripheral knowledge on music but i enjoy a lot. a malayalam version is also required.
    I never expected you to have such in depth knowledge when i saw you at eranakulam.My salutes..
    this is dr.ajithkumar -chennai

  15. Welcome to my blog and have a happy stay.

    Thank you very much for the compliments. My knowledge is just a fist full of water when compared to the ocean which i do not know. My salutations at the lotus feet of my parents who had guided me in the right direction at the right age and to all my gurus who had made this possible amd also to the God Almighty.

  16. Hi Anu,

    Do you have any audio for VaraLakshmi Vrata Pooja. This was wanted for my wife.

    Thanks in advance


  17. Thanks very much for detailed notes on the ragas and songs. very useful for a lay person to appreciate the Carnatic Music.

  18. this is very informative for students ho learn music.nd really helps them to understand ragas deeply………..

  19. Nice review on hamsanadham. Pl. include one more krithi in Hamsanadham- paramanandha varadha-by Meesu Krishnaiyer. Dr. Mani Krishnaswami has sung it in AIR concert. Composer for paadavendume is M M Dhandapani desikar. Great effort!!! God bless you!!!

  20. Ms Anuradha – But you offer so much of your knowledge and thoughts!!! God bless you and keep you fulfilled! This site is a treasure trove, a labour of love and this is apparent on every post. They say when the student is ready, the master appears. I intend spending a lot of time here to learn. Thank you.

  21. Ms Anuradha. Thank you for explaining the beauty of Charukesi and compiling a list of songs. I notice that all the (6) parts (the zipped files) have the same songs. Maybe I am mistaken. Or maybe there is a another explanation. Thanks for offering so much. Trully appreciated.

    • Songs may be the same, but the artists will be different. Each artist sings Charukesi in their own interpretation and understanding. The idea is to enable the student to know and understand the different perspectives of singing Charukesi.

      • I wasn’t clear enough. The songs are duplicates – same songs, by the same artist, of same size repeated in each of the zipped compilations. Nevertheless I hugely appreciate the effort you have put in to make this available to students like me. Thank you.

  22. Thanks for the Bowli collection. Infact I was looking for just Raag Bowli to use during meditation. Incidentally the Hindusthani Raag for this Bipaas

  23. Thanks for adding Boli raga. (sorry I am a foodie). Thanks also for adding your own rendition of Bhagavath Geetha Raja vidya Raja guhya.
    Your voice is similar to Anuradha krishnamurthy daughter of KVN.
    I was disappointed that you have not included melukovaiyya rendered by maharajapuram.
    Unless you label it as Nithyasri, her Sambo sounds amateurish.
    In fact of all the songs shared in vocal of Bowli, it seems your own rendition is the best one and also Paravathi Nayaka rendered by (Sankaran Namboothiri)? and OS arun’s Kshanameva.

  24. great effort…..IT is hard to find such a nice blog with this much carnatic songs that are arranged perfectly…..Raga vice collection is always valuable as it helps to identify the specific raga of the song(may be a film song)……
    I have downloaded all the raga vice collections and again thanking you for this great collection.
    In raga bowli i heard the difference between bowli and bhooplam..I heard the song pacha mamalai in bhoopalam(from youtube)…I would like to hear more compositions in bhoopalam…Can you post that one in this section…..Thanks in advance:)

  25. Best musical knowledge base so far..Could you also write something on Raaga Sahana? I was really enchanted to hear and learn the first song(varnam) in Sahana. I listened to some of the film music in this raaga and literally felt the flow of the raaga, as I feel the best way to understand a raaga is to hear more and more songs in the same raaga for some time. Glad if you could add some information on this Raaga. You are doing an excellent job!

  26. mam will u add varali and thodi ragas.i love them so much.they r very heart touching and always take me into trans especially kanakanaruchira in varali

  27. Excellent information! Thank you very much! Appreciate your effort in putting all the information together.

  28. hello madam!
    I am really happy for your immediate response towards us.
    I have no problem with my sruthi anymore.But i want to take my singing to the next level like soulful singing,good articulation etc.How do i actually inculcate that beautiful style of carnatic singing in my voice?My madam always keeps telling me to sing by holding each swaram with voice.How do i do this?
    waiting for response….thanks a lot madam!

  29. Its all practice. Your madam is right. Trust her and practice as she said.Every song has a theme either Bhakthi or Request or anyother feel. Involve yourself fully with the emotions the song holds when you sing a particular song. This brings out the “bhaava” of the song. This is what is called soulful singing and you can feel the bliss of the god or goddess on whom the song is based.

  30. Hello Anuradha,

    Thank You for this wonderful site. Can you pls tell me the name of singer for the #79 Kriti nannupalimpa in downloads (Vol 8) under Mohanam ragam.



  31. Will you be able to provide the “Arabi manam vaithan”-Ragamalika song of Maharajapuram Santhanam? If available pl let me know
    Thanks and regards

    Subramanian B

    • Hello Subramanian

      I checked the server for the missing link. The server shows just two files Part 1 and Part2. I think Part 3 is deleted mistakenly from the server. Sorry for disappointing you. Am deleting Part 3 from the post that misleads the visitors.

  32. Madam
    As usual a wonderful upload and thanks a lot for the same. But it seems we are unable to download Kalyani -Instrumental part 1.rar. Pl check and help
    Thanks for your prompt and immediate reply

    Subramanian B

    • Just now i checked Kalyani Instrumental Part 1. It is working fine. So far 27 downloads. Sometimes mediafire plays tricks when you are downloading a lot of files at one go. Try after a few hours.

  33. The best information on raga I ever read online. Thanks a huge lot! It would be wonderful, if you continue the work.

    • Hello Julian

      Welcome to this blog. Every Raga appreciation you read in this blog together with the songs in those ragas are the result of a lot of effort and hardwork. Good words and your appreciation keep me going. Thank you very much for stopping and posting your comments.

  34. Saw your comment that you couldn’t find any tamil cine song in purvi kalyani.
    I think, “Ezhu swarangalukkul ethanai paadal” has a good number of Purvi kalyani phrases.
    Please correct me if I am wrong

  35. Thank you for the mammoth effort ,you are doing great service to music lovers and learners, God bless you Dr A P Bhat

  36. Anuradha Madam, I am really amazed at all the time, efforts and hardwork that has gone into the ocean of knowledge that you share here. You are doing such a great service to carnatic music lovers and learners. Thanks much.

  37. thanks for your sincere efforts in bringing the best in classical music ,very interesting nd appreciate ur work.

  38. mrs anuradha , pls add nayaki and raga surya to your blog . filmy ‘isai arasi’, ra ra etc . carnatic narahari vesha of dr rukmini ramani’s composition . thnks. sg

  39. Wonderful volume of knowledge…just something i was looking for as I am experimenting with piano / carnatic…Thanks so much.Please continue. Also a request do you think you can get audios of few nice chittaswarams for each ragam .

    • Hello Arun

      Thank you very much for the appreciation. This is a good suggestion to incorpotae the chittaswaras of various ragas.

      The problem is I find it difficult to incorporate audio in this wordpress blog. I will be shifting the entire info to my personal website shortly. So i can add audios, videos and music lessons as i wish. Please keep visiting.

    • Hello Ganesh

      Lakshman Ragde estimates that at least 150 compositions are there in Paras. Paraju or parasu or pharaz or pfaras as it is called belongs to the same family of mALavagauLa. The etymology of the rAga name is attributed to it being the favourite rAgam of ‘parasurAma’ and hence ‘parasu’. Presence of 9 compositions of the trinity are placed on record. 4 kritis by Dikhistar. 3 kritis and 1 tamil gItam by shyAma sAstri and 1 kriti by tyAgarAja.

      A Lec Dem by Sri. Srivatsa concluded saying ‘paraju’ is a rAgam that establishes ‘adbuta’ rasam. It is a mangaLa rAgam. One can sing ‘paraju’ to finish a concert. However it is a very tough rAgam to sing. The rAgam shows a lot of ‘adbuta’ and ‘hasya’ rasams.

  40. Thanks for ur reply.I came to know that there are only two krithis in ragam Paras Is that correct?

  41. excellent site for music lovers…. gr88 job ma’am……
    am eager to learn more ragas….. can u also show us the beauty of devamanohari and latangi ragam…..and can u plz give me some tips for identifying certain ragas……..

  42. maamm, I am amazed at the postt… !!! U knw.. Its jus beyond words.. !! Thank you so much for giving so much info.. !
    One query : If you have hheard songs from a malayalam movie “Rithu”, could u tell me which raga does the song “Pularumo raavozhiyumo ” belong to.. ??
    Thank you so much maam.. !!

  43. Dear Vinod

    After reading your msg I heard the song ‘pularumo’ malayalam , it apperas to be ragam ‘Kalyani’. The song is handled and tuned in such a way that it is too delicate and melodious that it is a bit difficult to find that it is kalyani raga or a janyam of kalyani. Sg

  44. gr88 job ma’am… keep going !! can u show us the beauty of CARNATICA ARABHI ragam…. and songs based on this ragam….

  45. great to see your blogs and interest mam…like you …i always acknowledged the physics and science of the swarams…the soothing effects a piece of Nalinakanthi or Kedaram can bring to us…I fully understand the combination of swarams which creates wonders…..Im so obsessed with Carnatic music…and doing analysis of Reethigowlai :)….and many more ragams …

  46. Hello Anuradha, It is a brilliant effort to package all details of a raga and providing an equivalent Film composition. Kudos and please continue with this effort. Just would like to highlight that Isaignani has compositions in some of rarest of the ragas. He has beautiful numbers in Srothasvini, Karnaranjani, Kanakambari, Durga, rasikaranjani etc. He has composed over 70 songs in Kalyani and over 40+ songs in Keeravani. …Venkat

    • Thankyou very much Mr.Venkatanathan for visiting this blog. Thats a great info about the Musical Genius and his compositons in rare ragas. If you can give me the links to those songs, I will be very grateful to you. Also I can add it here whenver I make a raga review of that particular raga.

  47. A wonderful site with so much information under one head. I am trying to share with all those whom i Know.. Hats off to you madam

    • Thank you very much Smita for sharing the blog id to your friends. Just trying to share whatever little I know and you are most welcome to this musical site.

  48. Dear Anuradha,

    God bless!! Xcellent service, so thoughtful..You yourself are so knowledgeable, may your knowledge grow and fulfil your goals. I was searching for a song ‘Pahi Jagajanani’ in Vaachaspati… could’nt get it on the net anywhere…my late father used to sing. How I wish I could get hold of it… Also, any song in Chalanattai besides the standard ‘Edhayya Gati’ …any other song available?
    Thanks, best, Vaidehi, New Delhi

  49. Dear Anuradha, fantastic collection, the best information on raga I ever read online. A wonderful site with so much information.


  51. Hello giving a small concert and am planning to present the following ragas: Chakravaaham(Gajananayutham), Gambheera nattai(Gnana vinaayakane),hamsanaadam(kalyaana raama),siddha ranjani(Naada thanum anisham), Bhairavi(MAIN–Baala Gopala), Mohana kalyani(Pillam gopiya), Kalyana vasantham(Sri venkatesham), Brindavana saaranga(kamalaaptha kula), Shuddha saveri(Thaaye tripura sundari), Saama(anna poorne), Sriranjani(Parvatha raaja kumari)

    Could you suggest the order in which the above songs should be presented and also a popular kriti on lord muruga…

    Yr revert would be highly appreciated.


    • Hello Rajeswari

      Nothing is wrong with the above order. Just make sure, you also have a judicious mix of Talam. Adi,Rupakam,Misrachappu,Khandachappu etc. A popular krithi on lord subramanya is Vilayada ithu nerama-Shanmukhapriya Ragam or Muruga Muruga in Saveri.Since you have chosen kamalaaptha kula in Brindavanasaranga, I couldn’t suggest Kaliyugavaradan Kankanda the same raga. Also try to add a thillana towards the end. That is the usual practice. These are my suggestions. Anybody else more into giving concerts are welcome to suggest Mrs. Rajeswari about the order.

      Best Wishes to you..

  52. Hi i couldn’t resist from appreciating the effort you have taken to give so much valuable informations for so many ragas and it has been really interesting and worth reading. really educative also for music students.

  53. Dear Anuradha Ji
    I was long in search of our indian classical music with such healing effects.
    And i am very please to come across your web page just by chance.
    i am sure i will get everything i want from all the great work you have accomplished.
    thanks and regards

  54. Dear mam,
    I can u plz post the ragaa of vizhigalil oru vanavil (tamil film: Dheiva thirumagal)… i searched a lot in net, but i cud’nt found yet… pls help mam

    • Hello Divya

      I generally do not listen to film songs . My focus is purely carnatic. I post only those songs which are purely classical ragas. Most of the film songs are a mix of so many ragas..

      • oh sorry mam! Am in new delhi. Am learning carnatic music by my teacher. Generally how long it will take to complete basic lessons… now am in jantai varishai.. And one more doubt mam, after completion of basic lessons, can i able to sing with perfect emotion & gamakams. Thanks a lot for ur patience on me.

      • Hello Divya

        When I was a young student my master took quite a long time with basic lessons. He made me sing alankarams and varishais in different ragas with varying speeds. Basic lessons are the foundation..Divya. Still now I keep on learning some aspects of Carnatic Music everyday. Whatever we have learnt is just like a fist full of water. But there is a big ocean of lessons left behind to learn…So my advice is dont be in a hurry. Practice well. You can ofcourse record your singing and hear it and keep on improving.. So how long will it take to complete the basics depends on your tacher’s syllabus and your learning capacity.

        Best Wishes

  55. Thankz a lot for ur kind advice mam! now am clear…. am keep on visiting ur blog daily…. especially ur music therapy system was most wonderful…. I pray daily for ur long life with joy n music everyday… kind of u…..

  56. Thanks a lot for all your useful informations informations.Can you please tell me the raaga of the song “kaathiruppaan kamala kannan”-in Uththama puththiran

  57. Dear Ms Anuradha,


    This is an amazing website and some really really excellent work. I really enjoyed going around your website. I deeply appreciate the depth of work and most importantly your attitude towards this work as it comes through in your words.

    The downloads available here are priceless, but more imporantly your treatment of the subject with reverence and talking in detail about it in various pages is really warming. When you say that MS Amma is someone you lookup as your guide and leader, it reflects my own [and my parents and grand parents] sentiments about MS Amma.

    Please continue this good work. This is an amazing contribution to all music lovers. May God give you a long long healthy, happy and peaceful life for doing a lot of this work. 🙂

    Namaskaram – Shivakumar

    • Hello Mr.Shivsekar

      Thankyou very much for the encouraging words. People like you motivate me a lot to continue my work in this blog inspite of having all the resposnsibilities of a homemaker.


  58. hi
    my father is suffering frm depression for the past 6 months. pls upload suitable raaga and songs if possible.

  59. Hello Anu,
    Thank u. I will chk and comeback to u. Keep uploading loads of info. Very useful us. Good lunck for the effort.

  60. Hello Maam,

    Your work on carnatic raagas has given a carnatic music enthusiasts like me a true insight into the various forms of ragas and the true emotion and meaning they represent.

    I would also like to bring this to you kind attention that certain download links have expired and one of them which I would want to download was “Raga Amrithavarshini Part 1.” It would be great if you could re-upload that.

    Once again thank you so much for your great efforts and I have already spread the words about you and your blog among my friends and family.\

    Rohith Namboothiri

  61. Hi Maam,

    I m sudheesh from Singapore, native place is kerala…thanks a lot for ur wornderful effort…i m not a classical trained person…but I m very intersted to know abt raagas…so i have been researching abt raagas few years…recently I found this webpage..I m vey much impressed on this page…especially the way u brought each and every raaga and its explanations are awsome…keep going maam…our support always with u…thanks…:)

    • Hello Sudheesh

      Welcome to this blog. Its nice to know that now-a-days that more people are into admiring our glorious tradition of Carnatic Music, its ragas and the emotions they bring out. Honest appreciation straight from the heart that comes out from the readers of this blog has been a great inspiring force to me to keep writing more about Ragas. I am just putting down whatever little I know about the subject and this has been possible only with the blessings of my parents and Gurus. Please keep visiting and post your comments/criticisms/suggestions.

  62. Dear Madam
    Kindly update (mohanam list) Ninnukkori varnam to amridha varshini list, also please correct the song chinna kanna kannan song from the film Kavi Kuyil

  63. Madam

    Wish you and your family member and all our members a Very Happy and prosperous New Year. We expect more from you in the years to come.


  64. this site is awesome. i would be grateful if you can provide a list of timings when the various ragaas are supposed to be performed or heard. I had recently been to Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia’s Concert which was around afternoon. Somebody asked him to play Raga darbar ( i think it was darbar) and he said goddess Saraswati would be enraged if he played Darbar at this time of the day. So when somebody asked for hamsadhwani he played instantly and said its a beautiful raga for this time of the day…… Hence this request…

    • Hello Girish

      Welcome to my blog. Already I have given a list of ragas with their therapeutic values and the best time it should be heard in the form of an excel sheet. It is in the Music Therapy Page. Please Download.. 🙂

    • Hello Sudheesh

      I am not into the habit of listening Film Music except when I write a review about a particular raga. Moreover film music mostly contains a mix of ragas. One has to play it quite a few times to listen and identify these ragas. My problem is lack of time as I am very much busy with teaching assignments.

  65. Good morning madam,

    I am so pleased with your site. I gained more information ragams and its effects. I will be much more exited if there could be more ragam in your site madam. Plz add some more ragams like Suriya, neelambari etc., madam.



    • Hello Vivek

      Welcome to my blog. Happy to note that you are gaining information about ragas from this blog. The intention of this blog is only that. All these ragas are added to the priority list too. Please keep visiting and post your comments/suggestions.

      Best Wishes

      • Good evening madam,

        I am so happy to see that you replied to me. Please tell me about shivaranjani ragam and neelambari ragam in your next reply madam.



  66. Namaskaram to Sangeetha Saraswathi Smt.Anuraadha ji,
    I am fond lover of Music & best listener.I am also an Astrologer doing some research work.If u hv no objectionkindly give me your Date of Birth, time and Place of Birth. I want to know for my self,the planetary combinations made u to this splendid research work on Music and Music therapy
    Thanks a lot

  67. Hi, Anuradha,

    While I was searching for some Krithis in Mohanam, Hamsanandam and Bhairavi, happened to see your website reference and when opened it I was so delighted to see the contents therein. What a great work and no doubt this will benefit all music lovers.
    I salute you for such good efforts and pray God for more support to you for continuing such excellent work. Now I will keep on visiting this site to learn more and more on the divine music.

  68. Hello Anuradha,

    I wanted to play Darbari Kanada for music collaboration and your website was very informative to get better insight to the raga.

    To write about various ragas is a wonderful work you are doing. These requires a long period of learning and performing, understand various compositions, its essence and bhava, contemporary film music trends, passion and exploration to new areas.

    As an artist I understand the challenges to do something creative. Thanks for your contribution and willing to share. Keep up this excellent work.


  69. Hi Mam,

    This is a great work, god bless, i came here through music therapy google search and i very happy to find this blog.

    But i’m unhappy to see that some downloads links are deleted, its a great varaprasad to music lovers to get such good downloads.

    Thanks alot

  70. I would like to know more about dwi-madhyama panchama varja ragas, created by Shri.Tanjore.S.Kalyanaraman sir, if possible. I actually wanted to know the list of 36 dwi-madhyama ragas, their arohanams and avarohanams or a way to actually determine the dwi madhyama ragas, i.e, how they are created so that i can determine them easily.

  71. Amazing compilation of songs and wonderful notes on the ragas 🙂 Please do provide some primer on carnatic music so that people like me (who are only listeners) can understand the structure of carnatic music. keep up the good work 🙂 Hoping to see all 72 melakarthas here

  72. Dear Madam,
    Thank you for all your efforts in bringing the brief details about all the important ragams. It is not so easy to brief about a ragam as it is a very subjective matter. One has to feel and understand. Great work Madam.

    Please let me know the ragams for the following songs. Kaadhalin pon veethiyil from Pookkaari and Azhage Azhagu from Raajapaarvai. Please let me know the difference between hameer kalyaani and Behaag. I think Swasame from Thenali is pure Behaag. Also the Kai Veenaiyai Yendhum Kalaivaaniyea is also a pure Behaag. Please confirm.


    • Hello Senthil

      Thanks for the visit and compliments.

      I am not very much into film songs and hence my listening to film songs is restricted only when I do a raga review. Secondly, most of the film songs contains some anya swara in their background music which makes it difficult to identify the exact raga except for very very few songs..

  73. Hi Anuradha, Thank you so much for a wonderful collection. Can you suggest some great ragas for pregnancy as well as labor for my daughter. She requested me to download some songs for her. Also, some ragas for my grandson who is a very active 2 year old. Thanks in Anticipation.

  74. I am surprised you comment on Rithigowla. Your Tamil hypociracy is very evident by simply appreciating Subbaraya Sastry composition only. I think the best composition in Reethiogowla is Paripalyamam of Swathi Thirunal, what is it with you Tamils you do not love and appreciate composition outside Tamil Nadu.

    • Hello Vijay

      Let me make a sharp comment about people like you who divide the divine music on the basis of language/region/composer and what not? Let me be very frank in telling you that neither myself, yourself or any other rasika who visit this blog has the caliber of Subbaraya Sastri or Swathi Tirunal or the Great Trinity or the fine composers like Papanasam Sivan and other great luminaries..(I am not naming because, there are hundreds of composers)..

      The great composers themselves do not hold this grudge between themselves exhibiting their ego. The best example is Tyagaraja’s Sreeraga Pancharatnam appreciating Shadkala Govinda Maarar of Kerala. Who are we to judge about the caliber of great composers? Do we have that much caliber ? I have not composed any compositions in par with Subbaraya Sastri’s Janani Ninuvina or Swathi Tirunal’s Paripalayamam.

      My aim is just appreciating great composers and their brilliant compositions. The intention of this blog is not immortalising any particular composer/compositions. Because all composers of yester years are great composers and all their compositions are brilliant. Blessed are we who are lucky to learn and appreciate these gems. If people who read this blog are genuine supporters of carnatic music – they will never make such narrow minded comments.Let me make a humble request to such visitors to keep off this blog.


      Lastly and very importantly, Mr.Vijay, please know that I am a Keralite, born and brought up / did my education in Kerala and live very much in Kerala and my mother tongue is Tamil. That doesn’t mean that I have to learn and appreciate only those krithis composed in Malayalam or Tamil. If I do that I am the loser. I miss all those brilliant compositions of other great composers composed in may other languages like Telugu/Kannada/Manipravalam. I have learnt numerous Krithis in Malayalam, Sanskrit, Padams, Pada Varnams/Tana Varnams,Javalis, Tillanas, Telugu Padam, Ragamalika, Hindustani Compositions,Bhajans etc composed by Swathi Tirunal and also Kannada / Telugu / Manipravalam / Tamil / Sanskrit Krithis of other great composers. My humble request is try to know the meaning of these compositions rather than drawing a line on linguistic or cultural basis.

  75. Dear Madam Anuradha
    Excellent reply for Vijay. I don’t understand why Vijay wants to rake up (an old and now settled controversy created by S Balachander unnecessary controversy regarding swathi thirunal.

    One should try to collect, upload and share music with expert comments to appreciate the effort involved, before coming out with weird criticisms.

    I believe Madam Anuradha never said anything against swathi thirunal. I am also a keralite with tamil origins, but I like “(Raga Ratna Maalai Soottinaar of Tyagarajar Reetigaula)”, but that does not in anyway mean to say that swathi thirunal krithis are inferior, it is just a personal liking.

    The very purpose of this blog is to just to educate and spread knowledge of music and not fight over regional superiority.

  76. Hi Anuradha,

    I am looking for Theraputic downloads of the ragas Hindolam and Vasanta. Can you please make them available on the site for download. If they are already there, can you please send me the exact link? I need them as I see on your that they help with certain conditions. “Raga Hindolam and Vasantha – gives relief from Vatha Roga, B.P, Gastritis and purifies blood”. If you can email them to me in regards to this, I would highly appreciate it.

    Thank you,

  77. dear madam,
    By way of introduction,I,am the son of late shri subbudu,the famous music critic and many of the points mentioned in your blog were conveyed to me by my late father when i used to ask questions about intricacies of i wish he was there to read your blog and appreciate it.It is an excellent piece of work. your blog is mind blogging.

    • Hello Sriram

      It is an honour for me and for this blog for your visit. Thank you very much for the sincere words of appreciation. Kindly visit often and post your valuable suggestions and criticisms too so that I can improve. The notes are mostly taken from the notes that I used to scribble when my Guru was teaching me.

      Best Regards

  78. thank youu for such a great initiative.. 🙂 my humble request is to please further widen the collections and give a better stress over ragam thanam pallavi’s, varnas and jathi swaras.. it will be so great if you include ragas like KAPI, BAGESHRI, DESH (personal favr8s) etc.. miles to go.. thank you so much.. with lot of pranams.. 🙂

  79. maa’am.. cn u plz provide us a ri8 rendering of ‘praNatArtihara prabhO purArE praNava rUpa sampatE’ melakartha raga malika by ‘MAHA VAIDYANATHA IYER’… lyrics are plenty available bt.. im not aware of any mp3 to hear that piece.. 🙂 please do upload if u have foresaid krithi..

  80. pirava varam tharum i heard today myself ( kelvignanam of around 75 ragas i easily find out thirty years before) quarreled with my son that it was panthuvarali but my son (who learnt carnatic to certain extetent)says lathangi, how to distiguish ? pl reply either here or in email

    • Pirava varam a beautiful composition by Sri.Papanasam Sivan is undoubtedly Lathangi. How to differentiate ? Though both the ragas have Prathi Madhyamam, the Rishabham for Panthuvarali is Suddha Rishabham while Lathangi takes Chathusruthi Rishabham.

      • thank u madam, i surrendered to my son even in this aspect also, the only one i was holding upperhand, ur service very useful and interesting, God bless you

  81. dear madam
    It is nice to over view all the things and i have underwent your links.
    I would like to know that in our Carnatic muzik what is the raggas which to show hate.
    could you post it

    • Hello Krish

      Generally the navarasa fall under the category of Sringaram, Hasyam,Roudram,Karuna,Veeram,Adbhutham Bhayaanakam, Bhibatsam and Shantam. There is no such emotion like Dwesham or Hatred in the above list. What I infer is Dwesham or Hatred is a by-product of anger..As such Ragas like Atana can depict anger/ dislike or a furious theme. The 36th mela Chalanaata can be used to convey anger due to quarreling nature. Again I would like to mention that the emotion is reflected differently on different situations/persons..

  82. Good Evening Mam,

    It’s been a long time I visited. What you said now is absolutely correct. Though raagas have emotions, humans and their feelings are different vastly. Karnatic Raagas are not exactly framed to suit individual feelings. They reflect some standard emotions. Examples:

    Kalyani is a evening and pleasant raaga, which was used in a pathotic mood in Devadas for the song Thunindhapin Maname Thuyaram Kollaathe; by C.R.Subbaraman
    And, Subapantuvarali a raga normally reflects sad mood was brilliantly used for a fresh and happy duet in Alaigal Oyvathillai – Aaayiram thaamarai Mottukkale, Lastly, Raja Sir has really composed a fully comedy song in Guru Sishyan – Kandupudichen Kandupudichen…

    • So, Great Musicians can prove the greatness of music by reversing the effects or emotions of a particular ragam as I mentioned above.

      Even Raja Sir has composed Kalyani in a very happy mood as well as very sad mood in the film Pudhukkavithai. The Song is Vellai Pura Ondru Yenguthu Kaiyil Varaamale (Duet – Happy) and Vellai Pura Ondru Ponathu Kayil Varaamale (Solo – Sad) – Voice Courtesy melody king Jesudos Sir and Janaki Mam.

  83. Hello Senthil

    Thanks for the visit and posting your comments. Raja sir ‘s music is magic..His magical touch on swaras changes sober notes to pleasant and also otherwise..He creates great music that will be remembered for many generations..My Pranaams for the great Musician

  84. dear maam,

    Pranams.I have been trying to getting touch with you but couldnt get your contact number.. I stay in Kadavanthra cohin and would like to give carnatic lessons for my daughter who is six years of age …I need your guidance and suggestions .. Looking forward for a reply…Thanx

    • Hello Viswanathan

      This is the right age to start learning. Make sure she can read and comprehend notes given to her. If that aspect is fine,contact a teacher near you and begin right from fundamental carnatic lessons. Let her hear a lot of music. See that you are playing carnatic music in the background while she is at home. Without her knowledge, the mind starts following the music.

      Best Wishes to your daughter

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