#4- Hamirkalyani – A cool breeze from N.India

Hamirkalyani a janya raga of Mechakalyani (65th mela raga) . Imagine yourself standing on top of a hillstation. You feel the cool breeze brushing you and moving softly. This is the feel you get when you listen to Hamirkalyani which is the next featured raaga  which has the following

Arohana and Avarohana

Arohana:S P M2 P D2 N3 S/  S R2 S P M2 N3 D2 S N3 S/ S R2 G3 M2 P D2 N3 P D2 P S

Avarohana:S N3 D2 P M2 M1 G3 P M1 R2 S /S N3 D2 P M2 G3 M1 G3 R2 S/S N3 D2 P M2 G M1 R2 S

Jeeva Swaras: N, G and  D

The phrases OR prayogas like MPDNDPMP-MGPMDP…MGPM2M1R.. using both madhyamas M1 and M2 enhances the beauty of the raga to Himalayan heights. Similary the vital prayogas of both Nishadams like MPDN2S..N1RD..N1DM1PM2..SRSN2S…DN1DP always give a  request feeling when it is sung.  Both Nishadahas comes like a breeze relaxing all the stress and tension. The raaga establishes its signature while singing the phrase M2GpM1R…which can be compared to a flawless flow of a river with all swells and waves. The Dhaivatham is used as as Kampitha Swara. The melodious raga though it came from N.India is popularised here by Sri.Muthuswami Deekshithar, Swathi Thirunaal and Thyagaraja Swamigal.

“Maanamuleda” Composition by Thyagaraja Swamigal brings out the request feeling completely when the Saint appeals to  Lord Rama that Doesn’t HE have even a little concern towards him ?. Deekshithar Krithi “Parimala Ranganadham” is a song praising the diety of Parimala Renganatha Swamy temple located in the village Thaerezhunthur. The Goddess of Parimala Ranganatha Swamy is  Pundareekavalli. A particular line in this composition is “BhajeHamVeeram” depicting that this raaga is Hamveeru in Deekshithar Padhathi. Swathi Thurnal Krithi “Gaangeya Vasanaadhara Padmanabha… is a composition ” praising Lord Padmanabha of Ananthapuri Temple at Kerala. Subbaraya Sasthri’s “Venkata Saila Vihaara” which has a weave of carnatic and classic Dhrupad touch is an examplory piece of Hameerkalyani.

Ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar’s Hameerkalyani “Thoomani Maadathu” uses both Madhyamas intelligently in the line “Maamaan Magale”one after the other. Uthukkadu Venktakavi’s composition “Nadamurali Gaana Vilola” is also another good song framed in this raaga. Lalgudi Jayaram has tuned the Ashtapadi “Yaaramitha Vanamaali” which is very soulful taking the raaga to the heights of ecstasy. Another Lalgudi composition a Thirupugazh “Aiynkarane Otttamugham..” which is a fast number demonstrates that this raaga can also accomodate speed/fast tempo.

Favourite Filmy Raaga

Hamirkalyani has been a favourite raaga of A.R. Rehaman. ARR is very fond of this raga and had made songs on and off with this raaga. The song “Nilaa Kayirathu” from the film Indira is very melodious. I think AR Rahman is very fond of this raaga when he again composed the song “Swaasame..Swaasame in the film Thenali. Illayaraja’s Hamirkalyani, in ‘veenai aendhum vaaniyae’ (vietnam colony) is also  an excellent demonstration of this particluar raaga. This raaga also emotes the complaining tone. An illustrious film song “Ennuyir Thozhi Keloru Seithi”  the one based on the film Karna, beautifully brings out the complain a wife tells to her friend about her husband not coming to see her. The Dhrupad style (Hindustani) of singing by the veteran singer P. Susheela is clearly brought out in this particular song.

I conclude this review by quoting these two lines beautifully composed by Vasanth Desai in the film Guddi sung by Vani Jayaram in Raaga Hameerkalyani.

Hum Ko Man ki Shakthi Dena Man Vijay Kare
Doosrom Ki jai se Pahle Khud Ko Jai Kare

The above lines mean that we can truly win only when we win over ourselves/our mind before winning over the enemy or anyone else in this world. So conquer the SELF and embrace the whole world so that you are always the winner.This particular Hindusthani coloured raaga, one with great therapeutic value relaxes tension with its calming effect and brings down BP to normal 120/80. In fact, the  important qualifications of an excellent raaga like, it can bring out all gamakas, vocal negotiations, briga (singing in a lightning speed), which can accomodate slow and fast numbers etc makes Hameerkalyani a melody queen  and a top class raaga.

 Download and Enjoy Songs in Hamirkalyani Here 🙂

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  1. Respected Madam,
    We are very grateful to you for undertaking this noble task. I have already informed many of my relatives and friends of this website and requested them to make the best use of Music Therapy that happens to be the Divine fruit of Sama Veda

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