#171- OM Namah Shivaaya – Divine Krithis on Lord Shiva-2016

At the spiritual level, Lord Shiva – The Lord of Destruction prefers Silence and Solitude. Symbolically, HE inspires us to go beyond the noise of material and worldly desires. Lord Shiva is revered to be as brilliant white. HE is described as Karpura-Sphatika-Indu-Sundara Tanu in Mruthyunjaya Manasika Puja (whose body is as radiant as Camphor, Crystal and the Moon).The white hue of Shiva conveys the idea of pure dispassionate mind which is ideal for all rational thinking human beings. There should be a deliberate effort to keep our biased and coloured minds to be kept as a pure white sheet when we receive stimulus from outside world. This will keep us in a state of pure bliss and peace. The third eye symbolically means to see things from a different perspective. Not to see and react on situations painted with our emotional state of mind. But to see things using the intellect or Buddhi which is far above petty emotions.

HE is the most compassionate among the Gods and blesses almost instantly if we surrender with implicit faith to HIM. Though HE fulfills all our material desires, HE constantly reminds us to reach a higher plane of non-material spiritual dimension of light. HIS body is smeared with ashes from the cremation ground. It is the final reality of a human body- the end of its material esistence.

On this auspicious occasion of Maha Shivarathri, here is a compilation of Krithis on Lord Shiva composed by Great Vaggeyakaras 



01-Sambo Mahadeva-BOWLI- Rupakam-Neelakanta Sivan-MS Amma
02- Ananda Natana-Kedaram-Misra Chappu-Muthuswamy Dikshithar-Balaji Shankar
03-Sambho Mahadeva -Panthuvarali-Rupakam-Tyagarajar- S.Sowmya
04- Idathu Padam-Khamas- Adi-Papanaam Sivan- O.S.Arun
05-Thiruvadi Saranam- Kambhoji-Adi-Gopalakrishna Bharathi-Nityasree Mahadevan
06-eppO varuvarO- jOnpuri – Adi – gOpAlakrishna bhArati-R.Suryaprakash
07- Endraikku Sivakripai-Mukhari-Adi- Neelakanta Sivan- Saketharaman
08 – Bho Sambho, Revathi-Adi–Maharajapuram Santhanam-Dayananda Saraswathi

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Wishing all a Very Divine and Blissful Shivarathri  🙂

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