160-Varalakshmi Krithis of Muthuswamy Dikshitar

Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of “Shri” or auspiciousness , who resides in the heart of Sriman Narayana is worshipped/propitiated on the occasion of Varalakshmi Vratham. She is the personifying Goddess of eight different forms of wealth or assets that an ordinary mortal human being needs to live happily in this materialistic world. The Goddess takes eight different forms as the mother granting eight types of wealth such as

  •  Adi  Lakshmi – Bestower of Protection
  •  Dhana  Lakshmi – Bestower of  Wealth
  •  Dhanya  Lakshmi –  Bestower of Food and Grains
  •  Vijaya Lakshmi – Bestower of Victory
  •  Vidhya  Lakshmi – Bestower of Knowledge
  • Santana  Lakshmi – Bestower of Children
  • Dhairya  Lakshmi –  Bestower of Strength and Courage
  • Soubhagya Sumangali  Lakshmi – Bestower of Long life to husband

Goddess Varalakshmi

Muthuswami Dikshithar, the great Devi Upasaka, has composed 7 krithis on  Goodess Mahalakshmi out of which three krithis eulogizes Goddess Varalakshmi. The name “Vara”Lakshmi itself literally means that She is the bestower of boons. These krithis contain several references to Lakshmi Sahasranamam such as “Hiranmayeem”“Hymavatheem”, “Narahari Hrudaya Nivasini” etc. It is said that singing these krithis (or chanting for those who cannot sing) will bring in all fortunes.

Dikshitar himself was a great yogi who was unattached to all worldly and materialistic wealth and gives the message through these krithis that worshipping the Supreme Goddess itself is the first fortune which in turn brings unsurpassed amount of wealth in all facets of mortal human life!

The Mahalakshmi Krithis of Muthuswami Dikshitar are uploaded. Also added the Kanaka Dhaara Sthotram of Sri. Adi Sankara Bhagavathpada as the crowning jewel, sung by the legendary Musician M.S.Amma as the last track.

Track List
1.   Sri Varalakshmi – Sri – Rupakam – M Dikshitar-M.S.Amma
2.   Hiranmayeem-lalitha-krithi-Dikshitar-Rupakam -M.S.Amma
3.   Mahalakshmi – Madhava Manohari-Adi – Muttuswami Dikshitar-M.S.Amma
4.   HariyuvatIm_haimavatIm-hEmavati-Dikshitar-Rupakam-Hyderabad Brothers
5.  Varalaksmim-Saurastram-Adi-Dikshitar-S.Ramanathan
6. shrI_bhArgavi_bhadram-mangaLakaishiki-Triputa-dIkshitar-PantulaRama
7.  Mangaladevataya-Dhanyasi-Rupakam-Dikshitar-NishaRajagopal
8.  Kanakadhara Sthotram-M.S.Amma


The power of her beautiful glance yields  unsurpassable amount of wealth of all kinds.  Let us place Her as the most precious Jewel in the lotus of our Heart to always guard and protect us..

Wishing a very auspicious Varalakshmi Vratham 🙂

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