#29 – Lakshana Geethams

Geethams, as we all know, belong to the sphere of Kalpitha Sangeetham. It belongs to the group of Abhyasa Gana like the varisais, alankaras, swarajathis etc.By the time a student reaches the stage of singing Geethams, after thoroughy learning the swara exercises and alankaras(in Trikalas), he/she is expected to have gained fair degree of faculties in the concept of Sruthi, Swara and Tala, capable of producing precise swarasthanas with proper intonation and rhythmic grip. After this stage, Geethams are introudced with a new addition named Sahitya Aksharas. This is the first musical composition a student learns with a specific raga and tala mentioned by the composer. As we all know..


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#41-Varnams Online Workshop

Varnams are scholarly compositions and the Pillar of Abyasa Ganams. They teach the Raga in its entirety with their Unique sancharas along with its typical gamakas. Varnams teach you the basics of Manodharma Sangeetham. Varnams are of different kinds. The usual is Tana Varnam. A master class is ..

Learn Classic and Rare Geethams – Neelambari

A classic geetham in Raga Neelambari  set to Trisra Jathi Triputa Talam is posted for learning purposes.  The geetham is in praise of Lord Rama.  Please Subscribe to Shanmukhapriya  Academy  of Music Channel in YouTube for getting notified for more lessons in Carnatic Music

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#52 – Is there a need for new Composers ?

I received a mail a couple of days before posing a question. The person who had sent the mail wanted to know my take on this.  I am just reposting the question here.

 Question : Is there any purpose of composing a new kriti ? Like i see present day composers composing carnatic music kritis and making their disciples sing that, but i think that’s just a sheer waste of time. That’s my opinion. And in those compositions,…..

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#37-Vipanchika Mahotsavam 2020

Dear Visitors and Friends

This is an open invitation from Shanmukhapriya Foundation to all visitors, well wishers and friends of this blog, to participate in the upcoming Vipanchika Mahotsavam 2020a two day festival dedicated exclusively for honouring the divine instrument Veena, on the auspicious occasion of Vasant Panchami during January 25th Saturday and 26th  Sunday at Ernakulam, Kerala.

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#5-Vidyārambham 2019 @ Shanmukhapriya School of Music

Announcing Classes for Carnatic Veena and Vocal on Vijayadashami Day 8th October, Tuesday 2019. If interested, please send a mail to learnsangeetham@gmail.com.

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#14-Carnatic Singing Lesson – Divyanama Keerthanam- Raga Andhali

Tyagaraja Swami composed a set of songs to sing collectively or as a chorus, as an expression of bhakthi and bhajana tradition. These came to be known as Divya Nama Sankeerthanas. Many of these songs have the theme as Ramayana , but there are also songs on human conduct.  There are around 118 krithis which are set to simple tunes. We find that the tune repeats in every charanam after the Pallavi. So, it can be inferred that every song has a Pallavi followed by several Charanams. This style of composing is generally referred to as Lambaka Style. The simple rhythmic tunes make them ideal for group rendition.

These krithis basically deal with Nama Mahatmya. ……

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