Develop Your Singing Voice

Develop Your Singing Voice

The voice is the only living instrument of music. Every individual is unique, so is every voice. Though there are individual limitations differing from person to person, it is very important to note that this is the only instrument, which can be cultivated, improved and cultured, by variation of pitch, intensity and timbre (tonal quality) and all the above mentioned features.

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Anuradha Krishnamoorthy – 1st Dec 2007 Vocal Concert

Anuradha Krishnamoorthy – 1st Dec 2007 Vocal Concert

Track Details

1.Thathavamariya-Reethigowla-Papanasam Sivam-Adi
2.Sobillu sapthaswara-Jaganmohini-Rupakam-Thyagaraja
3. Aanandhamrutha – Aalapana-Amruthavarshini-Adi-Deekshithar
4.Aanandhaamrutha – Amrithavarshini…

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Sindhubhairavi – A blend of Folk and Classical Touch

Sindhu Bhairavi is said to have it’s orgin from Hindustani, and is a morning Raga according to the North Indian Musical tradition . The raaga Sindhubhairavi evokes very happy and pleasant emotions. This raga is one of its kind were all the 16 swaras in Carnatic system are used. It is a colourful raga and soothes the nervous system. …….

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