#110- M.Chandrasekhar & G.Bharathi- Violin Duet – Live Concert

#110- Dr. M.Chandrasekhar & G.Bharathi- Violin Duet – Live Concert at Changampuzha Park – Edappally-Kochi on  Dec.4th 2012

This is the recording of the  live violin duet concert by the great maestro Sri.  M.Chandrasekhar and his daughter Smt. G.Bharathi.  Sri.M.Chandrasekhar was initiated into Carnatic music by his mother late Srimathi Charubala Mohan, a talented Carnatic musician. Smt.Charubala Mohan was perhaps the only guru for Sri M.Chandrasekar on violin. Violin Maestro M. Chandrasekar has been a violinist for the past 63 years. He is known for his nadaswaram touches on the violin. He is also an accomplished vocalist and composer.  Dr. M. Chandrasekar , celebrated his 75th birthday on November 22 this year at Mylapore-Chennai.

Smt.G.Bharathi is also a well known Vocalist and Bharathanatyam artist. She follows her father’s footsteps in spreading the tradition of Indian Carnatic Music with her amazing expertise and style of performance.This concert brings out the excellent vocalist in Dr. M.Chandrasekhar..A brilliant performance by the duo..DO NOT MISS !!!


01-Varnam-Sarasooda-Saveri-Adi-Pattanam Subramania Iyer
03-Sudhaamayee-Amrithavarshini-Rupakam-Muthaiaha Bhagavathar
04-Sree Balasubramania-Bilahari-Misrachappu-Muthuswamy Dikshithar
06- Anathudanu -Jingla-Adi-Tyagaraja
08-Ragamalika- Kadanakuthuhalam-Madhuvanthi-Basanth followed by Chinnanchirukiliye
09-Aliveni Enthu Cheyvoo-Kurinji-Misrachappu-Swathi Tirunal
10-Thillana-Dhanasri-Adi-Swathi Thirunal followed by Mangalam-Bhagyada-Madhyamavathi

Download Violin Duet – Part 1

Download Violin Duet – Part 2

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