#166- Neyyattinkara Vasudevan- Vocal Concert

Neyyattinkara Vasudevan, another great musician born in Kerala in 1940 was groomed by Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer and Ramnad Krishnan. His fervent and wholed hearted dedication to the art prompted him to join Swathi Tirunal Music College at Thriruvananthapuram where he passed Ganabhooshanam and Sangeetha Vidwan in flying colours.

His rigorous training under the tutelage of Sri.Ramnad Krishnan at Chennai eventually brought out the musical genius in him. He is known for his strict adherence to tradition with his unique style of raga exposition, especially in rakthi ragas along with compact and brilliant swaraprastharas. He is also popular as a musician who builds up a rapport with the accompanying artists. His style of rendering krithis attracted and inspired many young talents in carnatic music. His gift for voice modulations and flourishes were always enviable and he always came out with a clean diction.

Neyyatinkara Vasudevan

He is one of the great musicians who took a lot of pains in popularising, Swathi Thirunal compositions throughout the country and abroad. His career soared upwards with his arrival to Tripunithura to serve as Assistant Professor in RLV College of music. In 1974, he joined the All India Radio, Trivandrum as ‘A Grade’ Staff artist in Vocal Music from where he retired in 2000. The AIR honoured him with ‘A Top Rank’ – the highest rank in Carnatic Classical Music.

Sri.Neyyatinkara Vasudevan has secured several awards and accolades such as the Indian President’s Award in the A.I.R. Music competition in 1960, several awards by the  Madras Music Academy,  The Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award, the Tulasivanam Award etc mentioning only a few.  The prestigious Padmasree came in search of him in 2004 and the Swathi Puraskaram in 2007.

His long-time disciple and well-known musician of the younger generation Sreevalsan J. Menon quotes mridamgam maestro Umayalpuram Sivaraman as telling an audience at a concert in Mumbai: “If you want to be treated to the music of Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, Ramnad Krishnan and M.D. Ramanathan simultaneously, listen to Neyyatinkara Vasudevan.” He has also been featured in the National Programme of Music and Radio Sangeetha Sammelan concerts.


1 Sree Mahaganapathi- Gowla – Mishra Chapu- Muthuswami Dikshitar
2 Padmanabha Pahi-Hindolam- Aadi-Swathi Thirunal
3 Pahi Pahi Pavanangi-Purvi Kalyani- Aadi(Tisra Nadai)-Kesava Pillai KC
4 Niravadhi Sukhada-Ravichandrika-Aadi-Thyagaraja
5 Paalinchu Kamakshi – Madhyamavathi-Aadi-Shyama Sastry
6 Govardhana Giridhara Darbari Kanada- Aadi-Narayana Theerthar

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2 thoughts on “#166- Neyyattinkara Vasudevan- Vocal Concert

  1. He was also my guru for some time. He taught me Sri Raaga varnam, Paahimaam sri Raajaraajeshwari in Jana Ranjani, Govardhana Giridhaara etc. He was a classmate of KJ Jesudoss for whom the veena class was given by one of my cousins Kalyaani Sharma who was the recipient of a golden veena from President Dr Rajendra Prasad one year before Nayyattinkara received the same. He used to hesitate at first when I, a brahmin used to go to his house to learn music. His was a very humble abode. A great musician like him deserves much much more. Those days India was not rich & no foreign trips or albums for these guys. He is no more (RIP). I wonder where his family is & what are they doing.
    I am very happy that he is remembered today by you & the synopsis you have given him. Thank you madam.

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