#15 – Carnatic Music Lessons Series

Here is a small attempt to guide the students/singers who are very passionate about  Carnatic Music. The work is split into small files and uploaded as PDF, enabling people to download or  view the notes.  The series will be continued.

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01- Basic Lessons – Introduction

02-Practical Exercises-Why should you sing Varishais ?

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#18-Sahana – The Raga that kindles Subtle Emotions portraying Unconditional Surrender

Sahana is a very popular Carnatic raga,  janya of 28th Melakarta Harikambhoji(5th Chakra). The word Sahana is another  name for Goddess Lakshmi/ Maa Durga. It also means ‘”Pure and Blissfully Happy”. ” In Kannada the meaning is – a person who have a great knowledge about all things present, past and future ……. Sahana is referred to as ”ranjakatva ubhaya vakra raga which means that the raga is very asthetic and pleasing.Ubhaya Vakra means that the notes in both ascent and descent follow a zig zag pattern. The vakra phrases lends a unique beauty to this raga.  It is also classifed as a rakti raga – raga with high melodic content. Sahana is predominantly a “Karuna Rasa Pradhaana Raga–  the raga that reflects a mood of pathos.This raga is an exemplary illustration of Daasya  Bhakti Bhava-(there are nine ways of serving God..). Compassion due to overflowing love is also represented by this raga.

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#104-VA-Muthu Swami Dikshitar’s Devi Kiritis Vol 1-5 ( Collections) – Navarathri Special

This is a collection of  Various Artists rendering Muthuswami Dikshithar’s Devi Krithies..The list is too long to mention..Special thanks to my friend who shared this collection/compilation to me as a Navarathri Gift..

Track details, Name of the Kriti, Tala, Artist ..etc are available on the individual tracks

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#103-Maharajapuram Santhanam- Tamil Songs Collection

Here is a collection of around 75 tamil songs/krithis sung by the great maestro Sri. Maharajapuram Santhanam. I have taken these from my various collections of concerts by the great legend. Hope you enjoy all these beautifully rendered krithis.I am not giving the entire track list here as it is very difficult to do so. Some songs from these collections which are compiled in 4 volumes are…


01-Varnam –  Innum en mananm-Charukesi
02-Kadaikkan paarvai-Kamas
03-Vilayada Idhu Nerama – Shanmukhapriya

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