Carnatic Notations

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Happy to announce the the opening  of Shanmukhapriya Academy of Music which will be an online learning hub for both Carnatic Veena and Vocal lessons.  Please do subscribe to this channel Shanmukhapriya Academy of Music where Carnatic Lessons will be posted for the sake of learning. The notations for these lessons will be available at this page.  

While Shanmukhapriya School of Music mainly focuses on the activities of Music School along with the students performances and live classes in Edappally, Ernakulam, Kerala , Shanmukhapriya Academy of Music will be focusing on posting lessons online that can be accessed globally.

A few classic and rare geethams which are not so popularly known or sung now a days will be posted here along with notations and video. Please feel free to download the notation and learn the Geetham. 

Learn Classic and Rare Geethams


Notations- Arikambodhiyil-Suddhasaveri-Khandachappu
Video –
Notations- Arere Valimada-Sri-Triputa
Video –

12. Saraswathi Un Isai – Saraswathi- Trisra Triputa

Notations- Saraswathi Un- Saraswathi – Lakshana Geetham
Video –

11. Garuda Gamana – Abheri- Trisra Triputa

Notations- Garuda Gamana – Abheri – Lakshana Geetham
Video –

10. Sree Govinda – Sankarabharanam – Chaturasra Jathi Matya Talam

Notations-  Sreegovinda-Sankarabharanam
Video –

9. Rere Sree Ramachandra – Arabhi – Trisra Jathi Triputa

Notations-  reresrirama-arabhi-geetham
Video –

8.  Sree Ramachandra – Gowla -Chathurasra Jathi Rupakam

Notations-  Sree Ramachandra – Gowla – Ghanaraga Geetham 2

7. Hariharavinutha-Nattai-Chathurasra Ekam

Notations-  Hariharavinutha-Nattai- Ghanaraga Geetham 1

6. Kamalasulochani-Anandabhairavi

Notations-  Kamalasulochani – Anandabhairavi 
Video –

5. Janaki Ramanathe – Neelambari – Trisra Jathi Triputa

Notations-  Janaki Ramanathe-Neelambari

4. Giridhara-Navroj-Rupakam

Notations-  Giridhara-Navroj-Rupakam
Video –

3. Sivaneriye- Nagaswaravali-Rupakam-Arunachalam Pillai 

Notations – Shivaneriye-Nagaswaravali-Rupakam
Video –

2. Ezhumalai- Sankarabharanam- Trisra Triputa

Notations – Ezhumalai-Sankarabharanam
Video –

1. Ganapathiye-Raga Mayamalavagowla-Talam-Rupakam-Periasamy Turan

Notations- Ganapathiye-Mayamalavagowla
Video –

4 thoughts on “Carnatic Notations

  1. namaskaram…can you send me notation of Ottukadu Venkatasubbaier kriti “vande valmili kokilam” in ragam ataana

  2. Mam. Thanks for giving the secret ingredient “Swaram + Lyric” for many Geethams which I was searching for sometime online. I will give this to my 10 yr old daughter and practice it. Thanks a Lot again for uploading TAMIL Geethams. God Bless You, Family & the Team. Please continue this noble work/project.

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