#8-Thiruchanoor Padmavathy -Brahmotsavam 2012

The manifestation of Goddess Padmavathi occurred in the Telugu month of Kartheeka on Sukla Paksha Panchami when the star Uttarashada is in the ascendant. The Brahmotsavam of the Goddess is celebrated with all pomp and glory to commemorate the auspicious occasion of Her avatara. This resplendent festival is celebrated for ten days. Here is an excellent collection of divine photographs of the divine Padmavathy Thaayaar straight from the Brahmotsavam 2012.

Turmeric, Tulasi, Silk Saree and other sacred presents are brought from Tirumala Temple in an impressive procession on this occasion and offered to the Goddess. In exquisitely decorated Mandapam built on the banks of Padma Sarovaram, Sacred bath is offered to Goddess Padmavathi Devi and Sri Sudarsana Chakra amidst vedic chants.  During the ten-day Brahmotsavam, Goddess Padmavathi will be taken in procession in various Vahanas in the morning and nights.

Special thanks to http://www.anudinam.org for keeping an up to date post on the Brahmostsavam 2012 along with beautiful photographs.

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