Deleting the Copyrighted Albums from this Blog

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I will be deleting all the posts relating  to

 album  downloads  which are copyrighted

 from this  blog within the next 3 days due to

 the copyright issues . This is just a

 notification to all the visitors of this blog.

 Hereafter download page contains only live

 recordings/performances  of various artists

 conducted in Temples, Music Sabhas etc. 

 Thank you very  much for your visits and


Anuradha Mahesh

Purvikalyani – An Aesthetically Melodious, Pleasant and Popular Raga

Purivikalyani is a janya raga from the 53rd mELakarta gamanashrama.  It is a Vakra Shadava sampurna raga, i.e. it has six notes on the ascent and seven notes in the descent. purvikalyani has another name Poorvakalyani. The scale mentioned in the Sangeeta Sampradaya Pradarsini is s r g m p D s – S n d p m g r s, which is Gamakakriya and which is also called Poorvakalyani.  Despite being a raga that can be rendered at all times, rasikas know that the effect is profound when this raga is rendered just after sunset.

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Music and Stress Relief

When the Sun fades and all extroversion, entertainment, and distraction is denied to Man, the mind retreats into a state of meditative introversion we call sleep. Thoughts that are unfinished in the mind, during the day, continue throughout the night in the forms of dreams, striving towards their resolution, as part of the brain’s intrinsic mechanism to find order. In a sense then, sleep is Nature’s way of reuniting Man with him or herself, enabling that which lies dormant in the hidden recesses of the mind, to reveal and express itself in secure isolation from the world.