#4-SYAMA SASTRI-Monumental Edifice of Carnatic music.

Today I am sharing a portrait of the great vaggeyakara Syama Sastri along with an article  and manuscript of   Grantha script on a palm leaf  that I received in my mail.

I received a forwarded mail from one of my friends and  well wisher Srikantan Krishnamoorthy which had the portrait  of Syama Sasthri along with the images of manuscript . Is it a coincidence or a gesture of   direct  blessings showered on me by the Great Vaggeyakara and Goddess Kamakshi ?

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Concerts of  T.V.Sankaranarayanan- All Concerts Link updated on 11/05/2014

#138-T.V.Sankaranarayanan-Live Concert-AIIMS-Delhi-1990 –
#139- T.V. Sankaranarayanan-Live Concert-Houston_TX-USA
#140- T.V. Sankaranarayanan-Live Concert-South India Fine Arts NewJersey 2002

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Concerts of Maharajapuram Santhanam – Link updated on 12/05/2014

#115-Maharajapuram Santhanam-Live Concert
#118-Maharajapuram Santhanam-Live Concert 1989

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Sibling Concerts – Link updated on 11/05/2014

#47-Priya Sisters – Live Concert at Siva Temple Hyderabad
#64-Thrissur Brothers – Navarathri Concert, Changambuzha Park, 15-10-2010
#149-Hyderabad Brothers-Live Concert
#151-Priya Sisters -TyagaBrahmaSabhaConcert-June2009
#152-Malladi Brothers-Podhigai TV Concert-
#153-Hyderabad Sisters-Live Concert 2011
#155-RadhaJayalakshmi-Live Concert-1962

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