#22- Routine Customs and Manners to be followed in our daily life

Early Morning

a. One should wake up at least 30 minutes before the sunrise. This is the auspicious time to rise. Our  brain and mind will be fresh and have maximum positive energy.

b. During sleep in the night , we are lying parallel to the earth ( horizontal) for about 4 – 8 hrs and in this lying position, the heart requires less force to pump the blood to other part of the body. ie;  the heart has to strain at a lower rate only….

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21-Striking a Right Balance between Parents and Children.

The instrument Veena is as ancient as the Vedas. Once Gautam Buddha asked his disciple, Do you know to play  Veena?  The disciple said. Yes Master. Buddha came up with the next question asking him whether it is fine  if the strings are tied very tight so that it prouces a melodious sound. The disciple said. No Master, the  strings should be tied neither too tight nor too loose.  Loose strings will make sound the instrument out of  tune. So the strings are to be tied in such a way that they are neither too loose nor too tight to sound in perfect tune and melody. Buddha continued  to say that we should keep the strings of life neither too loose  nor too tight, A harmonious balance is just right.

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