#01-Announcing Online Classes

Shanmukhapriya Academy of Music is announcing Online Classes for Students in India and other Countries in the following Categories.

  1. Carnatic Freshers / Beginners Level – Level 1 – Swara Exercises

Minimum Requirement – The student must be 7 years old. – See Brochure for More Details

2. Carnatic Beginners / Level 2 – From Geethams – See Brochure for More Details

3. Ashtapadi or Gita/Govindam written by the Jayadevar, the 12th Century Poet. See Brochure for More Details

Ashtapadi / Gita Govindam

4. Classic and Rare Varnam Series for Intermediary / Advanced Level Students – See Brochure for More Details

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#13- An Analysis of Kamakshi Navavarana Krithis

Ooththukkad Venkata Subbaiyer is a shining star in the galaxy of all time great vaggeyakaras. Venkatakavi is a fragrant link who lived between the period of Purandaradasa-Annamacharya and the Trinity, and his date is placed roughly during the period 1700-1765. He was a Naishtika Brahmachari, great personality, a vaggeyakara, a mystic and a Srividya Upasaka who was very much devoted to Lord Krishna. Who can forget his evergreen songs Thaye Yasoda, Alaipayuthe Kanna, Paalvadiyum Mugam..The great Vaggeyakara was the pioneer in composing Navavarana Krtihis on the presiding diety of Kanchipuram, Goddess Kamakshi. Please read to dwell deep into these Krithis.🙏😇

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Sangeetha Sampoorna- Beginners Level – 3rd Edition

Shanmukhapriya Publications has published the Third Edition of the book Sangeetha Sampoorna for Beginners Level.   Special thanks to all for the overwhelming response for the first and second edition copies of this book.  This book contains several additional lessons which are not commonly found in other books in the same category, thus making it distinct from other books. This book aims to serve both teachers and students. The Third Edition of Sangeetha Sampoorna  is added with  Classic and Rare Geethams and Lakshana Geethams . Many of these rare geethams and lakshana geethams are supported with YouTube Audio Lessons. The book  which form the part of learning series are priced very nominally, but rich in content. 

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#12-Sample Research Proposal in Music

This post is for all music students who do not have an idea as to how to write a research proposal when they clear Ph.D Entrance Exam and are supposed to submit a Research Proposal to the concerned University. I have been receiving many mails requesting for this by the student community. Actually this is a basic draft and it includes the Titles and Sub Titles that are most essential for any Research Proposal. The sample topic dealt here is Kamakshi Navavaranams composed by Oothukkad Venkata Subbaiyer.

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#6- Vidyārambham 2020 @ Shanmukhapriya School of Music

Announcing Vidyarambham at Shanmukhapriya School of Music 🙏🙏🙏on the auspicious occasion of Vijayadashami, 2020. Please Text / Message only, the Whatsapp Number provided in the Brochure.

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Divine Navarathri – 2020

Once again we are celebrating the divine Nine-Night /Navarathri festival worshipping Goddess in the forms of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. As mentioned earlier in this blog, Navarathri is the worship of Goddess in the forms of Durga , Lakshmi and Saraswathi on nine days followed by Vijayadasami on the tenth day.

The first three days we worship Goddess Durga who is “Durgathi Haarini “, one who removes all evil thoughts and evil tendencies from our mind. The aspect of “Tamo Guna” characterised by Mahishasura – the embodiment of greed, absolute laziness(jadatwam), filled with immense strength of arrogance is completely destroyed.

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#5- Online Classes on Divyanama Krithis of Tyagaraja

A series of online classes on the Divyanama Krithis of Saint Tyagaraja on the Auspicious Occasion of Ramayana Masam.🙏 Please Whatsapp the number provided in the brochure for details and enrollment . Limited seats..

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#10-Music Therapy and Stress Headache

This video highlights the importance of Raga Chikitsa or Music Therapy for the wellness of Mind and Body. Particular reference is made on Migraine or Stress Headache and how to reduce its intensity by listening to specific ragas.

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#29 – Lakshana Geethams

Geethams, as we all know, belong to the sphere of Kalpitha Sangeetham. It belongs to the group of Abhyasa Gana like the varisais, alankaras, swarajathis etc.By the time a student reaches the stage of singing Geethams, after thoroughy learning the swara exercises and alankaras(in Trikalas), he/she is expected to have gained fair degree of faculties in the concept of Sruthi, Swara and Tala, capable of producing precise swarasthanas with proper intonation and rhythmic grip. After this stage, Geethams are introudced with a new addition named Sahitya Aksharas. This is the first musical composition a student learns with a specific raga and tala mentioned by the composer. As we all know..


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Classic and Rare Geethams Lessons Update

The following geetham lessons are uploaded in YouTube for passionate learners. 

Geetham 8- Sree Ramachandra – Ghana Raga Geetham 2 – Gowlai

Geetham 9-Rere Sreerama chandra- Ghana Raga Geetham-3 – Arabhi

Geetham 10 – Sree Govinda – Sankarabharanam – Chaturasra Jathi Matya Talam

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