#14 – Naatai – The Raga with an Intoxicating Melody

A derivative of Chalanata (Mela 36) belonging to the 6th Music Chakra, Nattai is considered to be a  very auspicious raga and chosen as the first raga for any concerts.In Mind, Body and Soul Chakra – Chakra 6 is the heart Chakra: This chakra is the feeling and emotion center of the body. It recognizes both the physical as well as the spiritual needs for human experience.

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Krithis on Chidambaram Natarajar

Aadum chidambaramo-Behag-GB-MSS
Ananda natesha -Todi-GNB
Chidambaram enru orutaram -Begada-GNB
Chidambarame ninai-Nada namkriya-Muttu Tandavar-AB

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Importance of Thalam / Rhythm in Carnatic Music

There is no life without sound .Every movement in Nature is governed by Rhythm. The best example is the heart beat, which occurs exactly 72 times a minute. Daily events like the sound of a moving train, sound of waves etc all have in built rhythm in them. Saint Thyagaraja has used the term “sogasugaa mridanga thalamu” emphasising the importance of rhythm. Tala is the physical representation of rhythmic cycles in Carnatic Music.

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