#108-Great Music from Jon Higgins-the Bhagavatar

#108-Great Music from Jon Higgins-the Bhagavatar

Jon Higgins, the Bhagavatar  is  recognized as the first non-Indian to perform South Indian classical Carnatic music at a high level of proficiency.  The following link -an article from the newspaper “THE HINDU” – brings out a very clear picture about the artist and his dedication to Indian Carnatic Music.


Jon Higgins


1. Viribhoni-Bhairavi-Ata Talam-Varnam
2 .SogasugA_mrudanga_tALamu-shrIranjani
3. dArini_telusukonti-shudhasAveri-tyAgarAja
5.Krishna ni begane baro-yaman kalyan

and many more….

This is also a contribution from Sri Sankar CS who is a regular visitor of this blog. Thankyou very much Sri. Sankar for  sharing with all of us the great music of Jon Higgins.

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