Which is the hardest job in the world?

Which is the hardest job in the world?

One of my friend went for an interview in a college and one of the questions she faced was “Which is the hardest job in the world?” Almost shocked , she never expected this question in an interview  for the post of a Psychology Teacher. She was expecting some questions relating to psychology straight way from text books or articles based on psychology or case studies. Her answers like being the Principal of a college, being the chief editor of a magazine, being the army head etc brought negative remarks from the interview board. Atlast she gave up and after the interview was over, she politely asked the board the answer of this particular question which she was not able to answer.


Anandabhairavi-The Divine Raga

Anandabhairavi – The Divine Raga

The analysis of RagaDevatha Anandabhairavi  stresses mainly the qualities of  Bhakthi, Vinayam and Anandam. The ancient Raga reminds us that it is time we accept these three qualities in our daily life to lead a Paramananda Life .  Any person in an irritated or disheartened mood who hears Anandabhairavi will definitely calm down and get relaxed.

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Carnatic Music Lessons – Basic

Carnatic Music Lessons – Basic

These are the basic lessons for students who are learning Carnatic Music. The files contain lesssons on Sarali Varisaigal,  Jantai Varisaigal, Saptha Thala Alankaarams, Dhattu Varisaigal and Geethams. It is good if the students  listen them carefully and try to to sing long  with the singer for  a few times ……

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