#41-Varnams Online Workshop

Varnams are scholarly compositions and the Pillar of Abyasa Ganams. They teach the Raga in its entirety with their Unique sancharas along with its typical gamakas. Varnams teach you the basics of Manodharma Sangeetham. Varnams are of different kinds. The usual is Tana Varnam. A master class is ..

Classic and Rare Geetham Lessons – Nattai

The following geetham lessons are uploaded in YouTube for passionate learners. 

Geetham 6- Kamalasulochani-Anandabhairavi 

Geetham 7- Hariharavinutha-Nattai (Ghana Raga Geetham)

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#161- Mavelikkara P.Subramanyam – Concert

Mavelikara P. Subramaniam started learning Carnatic music from his parents, S. Padmanabha Iyer and Mavelikara L. Ponnamal, at the age of seven. He joined the Sree Swathi Thirunal College of Music, Thiruvananthapuram, and passed Ganabhooshanam and Ganapraveena with the first rank. He later underwent training from his maternal uncle Mavelikara H. Ramanathan. He received the Central Government scholarship for advanced training in music and had the good fortune of coming under the tutelage of the famous vocalist Mavelikara Prabhakara Varma. He is a graded artiste of All India Radio and has a teaching experience of nearly three decades.

Mavelikkara P. Subramaniam

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Dear Friends/wellwishers and visitors of this blog

This post is not a regular post on a Music Lesson Upload or a Raga Appreciation or yet another Download of a Live Concert. Please read through..

Today afternoon I received a telephone call from the office of M/s. Ranjani Gayatri asking me to delete all their  concerts uploaded – (so far I had uploaded  three concerts from year 2010) followed by a mail.

The person on the other side introduced himself as Mr.Krishnan and very politely enquired about the recent upload of the duo’s concert and wanted to know from where /who I got this download. Unfortunately, I could not recollect this as many of my friends/visitors of this blog  share good music with me, which I share with all of you. I recollect that it was somewhere in the year 2011, I got this recording.   Since the renditions were good, I shared it in my blog with sole intention of educative purpose.  On the post itself I have mentioned that if any copyright claims occur, I shall delete it. 

This was followed by a mail sent from their office. They wanted to inform all the visitors of this blog that their music cannot be shared. I am pasting their mail here as I do not have to type it again.

Dear Smt Anuradha,

Greetings. We are writing to you on behalf of Ranjani Gayatri. This is regarding your Upload of Ranjani and Gayatri’s concert recordings in your blog and website.

The artistes wish to inform you that this concert has been recorded without their knowledge and permission and should not be shared or distributed in any manner. We request you to please remove this concert from your blog immediately, and also destroy any copy of it in your possession. Possession and hosting online is a violation of the copyright of the artistes.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best wishes,
From the office of Ranjani Gayatri

Dear Friends, Let me also inform you that I have deleted all recordings of Ranjani Gayatri from the server. If anybody has downloaded these from my blog, kindly delete/destroy it from your collection/possession. Also please do not sent me mails to post their concerts. (I am sorry to say this.) Even possessing amounts to violation of copyright as per their mail. I respect the copyright of the artist and hence removed all traces of Ranjani Gayatri from my computer.

Whenever I post  a concert, the primary intention is the appreciation of art . If the art presented by the artist  is very good and polished, all by-products like fame, followers, prosperity etc automatically pours in. The Trinity of Carnatic Music and other great composers (endless if I start naming) had the foresight of not copyrighting their creations so that the coming generations, could learn, hear , sing, propogate, promote and attain salvation through Nada Yoga.  Let the Trinity of Carnatic Music and other great composers  pardon the artists who supress the spread of Carnatic Music, and me if I am wrong.

But I wish to make a strong statement here that this blog appreciates mainly the art of Indian Carnatic Music and  also  assert that if the role is reversed, which means that art is subsidiary to the artist then, I am very sorry to say that there BEGINS THE COUNTDOWN OF THE ARTIST !!

This has been an eye-opener for me and from 2014 onwards, I will be concentrating mainly on upcoming talents whom I presume will not have any objection to hear/share/possess their music in the net as well as in the comforts of their own home.  I hope that they continue to do so even after  they start receiving all by-products of success like name, fame, money, riches and what not from the art! I pray to GOD that their focus do not shift from the art to the by-products of success. I am speaking about this only in the case of live concerts where the artist is justifiably compensated.  Let the new talents also remember that  the common man interested in Carnatic Music will not have the money, time or influence to get admitted to a live concert happening in a Sabha. 

The reason behind writing this post is that my primary focus is teaching music and sharing whatever quantum of knowledge I have imbibed, not only to my students but anyone who is interested to know about carnatic music. There are instances where I am teaching without taking any monetary benefits from students who are very keen, truly deserving and passionately interested in music.

This blog primarily intends to go down to that type of a rasika and  try to do whatever is humanly possible for the same. Visitors or friends can suggest new upcoming talents in the field of Carnatic Music and sent/share the links of their live recordings.

Importance of Thalam / Rhythm in Carnatic Music

There is no life without sound .Every movement in Nature is governed by Rhythm. The best example is the heart beat, which occurs exactly 72 times a minute. Daily events like the sound of a moving train, sound of waves etc all have in built rhythm in them. Saint Thyagaraja has used the term “sogasugaa mridanga thalamu” emphasising the importance of rhythm. Tala is the physical representation of rhythmic cycles in Carnatic Music.

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Vaikom Vijayalakshmi did not let blindness come in the way. Fate, she thought, could always be changed, spirit willing.

THERE are so many who do not make full use of the five senses. It is only when you see the many unfortunate ones, fighting to survive, even scaling great heights, despite their disability, that we pause to think of our blessings and also of our lack of drive, perhaps.


This is a story of a young girl’s triumph over her disability, of her innate musical talent and most of all, a story of coping graciously with a cruel life.  Vaikom Vijaylakshmi was blessed with the gift of voice but deprived of the pleasures of vision.  She is also a renowned veena artist . 


01 Ohm Kara – Varnam – Shanmughapriya – Adi
02 Prasidha Gananadham – Preyasi – Adi
03 Hiranmayi – Lalitha – Rupakam

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