#12-Gita Govindam – Ashtapadi Classes

Dear Friends,

Shanmukhapriya School of Music is commencing classes for Gita Govindam or Ashtapadi , the work composed by the 12th-century Indian poet, Jayadevar.  Passionate learners please send email to learnsangeetham@gmail.com.   Classes will be weekly once, preferably on Sundays so as to accommodate working men and women.  This is a time bound learning series. Will be performing at Guruvayoorappan temple shortly.  




18 thoughts on “#12-Gita Govindam – Ashtapadi Classes

  1. madam, I do not live in Ernakulam but interested in learning . I have been following your blog for a very longtime . Interested in learning Veena also from you. Please advise me . I am fairly advanced in playing Veena

  2. Namaskaram I follow your blogs with great interest and have been yearning to learn the Ashtapadhi for some years. Is there any way we can join the classes online?

    • Online classes are not considered now at the moment, unless there are a group of students. Whoever learns now will be performing at Guruvayoorappan temple. You are from which place ?

    • Music school is closed due to corona. Another option is , Ashtapadi recorded lessons are available. Or will be announcing Ashtapadi online group classes every week in a few days.

      Best wishes

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