#115-Maharajapuram Santhanam-Live Concert

This file is uploaded in the new server along with other files of Maharajapuram Santhanam which where earlier blocked by other servers. Please update whether you are able to download these files.

#115-Maharajapuram Santhanam-Live Concert


04-santhana gopalakrishnam-khamas
07-dasarathini runamu-thodi
10-evarura ninuvina-mohanam
13-pallavi-bhavayami raghuramam-saveri

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5 thoughts on “#115-Maharajapuram Santhanam-Live Concert

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam
    When i am trying to download some musics, i am getting this msg “The webpage cannot be found HTTP 404”
    Pl help out.

  2. Hello… I am unable to download. I am getting error message….not found. tried several times. pl.help in resolving.

    • Sorry to inform that the server where almost 2 TB files of concerts uploaded has deleted all the files due to excessive bandwidth usage by visitors in this blog. Hence these files are not available now. I had changed several paid servers over a period of 10 years now (started this blog on 2010) and everywhere the allowed bandwidth usage was over consumed and hence disabled. Same with free servers like Mediafire.

      Now i have stopped uploading concerts as it is a sheer waste of time, money and bandwidth usage just to realise that the files are deleted after a week or so. Besides getting mails and legal notices from many quarters stating that it is a criminal offence and not to share music as many are copyrighted (which I did not know earlier). The sole intention of this blog is and was only educational. I do not want to face legal consequences and difficulties by sharing music that can be helpful to the student community and passionate rasikas , though there are thousands of websites sharing many such albums. Regret for the inconvenience caused.

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