43-Valuing Relationships

Value relationships in time – before you realize and the time is too late

It was their anniversary, and Aisha was waiting for her husband Rajiv to show up. Things had changed since their marriage, the once cute couple couldn’t-live-without-each-other, had turned bitter. Fighting over every little things, both didn’t like the way things had changed. Aisha was waiting to see if Rajiv remembered it was their anniversary!

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# 40- A Musical Call to Senior Citizens-Part 1

During youth there is plenty of energy and strength. Youngsters slowly evolve to become matured and well balanced in their deeds and actions by sailing through the good and bad waters of experience that life presents to them. Thus a new job, marriage, becoming a parent etc are all gift wrapped tough experiences that he undergoes in his life. As years pass by he may bloom into a bright sunshine of enlightenment, experience and wisdom. 


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#171- OM Namah Shivaaya – Divine Krithis on Lord Shiva 2016

At the spiritual level, Lord Shiva – The Lord of Destruction prefers Silence and Solitude. Symbolically, HE inspires us to go beyond the noise of material and worldly desires. Lord Shiva is revered to be as brilliant white. HE is described as Karpura-Sphatika-Indu-Sundara Tanu in Mruthyunjaya Manasika Puja (whose body is as radiant as Camphor, Crystal and the Moon).

On this auspicious occasion of Maha Shivarathri, here is a compilation of Krithis on Lord Shiva composed by Great Vaggeyakaras 



01-Sambo Mahadeva-BOWLI- Rupakam-Neelakanta Sivan-MS Amma
02- Ananda Natana-Kedaram-Misra Chappu-Muthuswamy Dikshithar-Balaji Shankar
03-Sambho Mahadeva -Panthuvarali-Rupakam-Tyagarajar- S.Sowmya

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