#14-Learn Classic and Rare Geetham Series

Dear Visitors

Happy to announce the the opening  of Shanmukhapriya Academy of Music which will be an online learning hub for both Carnatic Veena and Vocal lessons.  Please do subscribe to this channel so that you will be notified on posting new lessons.

While Shanmukhapriya School of Music mainly focuses on the activities of Music School along with the students performances and live classes in Edappally, Ernakulam, Kerala , Shanmukhapriya Academy of Music will be focusing on posting lessons online that can be accessed globally.

The opening theme is Classic and Rare Geethams.

A few classic and rare geethams which are not so popularly known or sung now a days will be posted here along with notations and audio. The first one in this series about Lord Ganesha in Raga Mayamalavagowla set to Rupaka Talam composed by Periasamy Turan.  Please feel free to download the notation and learn the Geethams. 

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#38-Carnatic Vocal Online Workshop

An Online / Skype  Carnatic Vocal Workshop will be organised on 6th and 7th March 2020 – , Friday and Saturday respectively with the following theme. Registrations will be processed on a first come first processed basis.Since seats are limited, for assured participation please whatsapp  the number provided in the brochure.

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#37-Vipanchika Mahotsavam 2020

Dear Visitors and Friends

This is an open invitation from Shanmukhapriya Foundation to all visitors, well wishers and friends of this blog, to participate in the upcoming Vipanchika Mahotsavam 2020a two day festival dedicated exclusively for honouring the divine instrument Veena, on the auspicious occasion of Vasant Panchami during January 25th Saturday and 26th  Sunday at Ernakulam, Kerala.

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#5-Vidyārambham 2019 @ Shanmukhapriya School of Music

Announcing Classes for Carnatic Veena and Vocal on Vijayadashami Day 8th October, Tuesday 2019. If interested, please send a mail to learnsangeetham@gmail.com.

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#51- Janmashtami Thoughts 2019 !

In the ancient scenario, there were great rishis who underwent severe penance sacrificing their bodies for the attainment of salvation or moksha. But in today’s scenario, we cannot even think of such an extremity. Thinking in a very very practical manner, we understand that the body and soul are not enemies and we have to accept the fact that the body was not thrust upon us by any external source and it was the house built by the soul itself for a specific purpose in each of our life.

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#14-Carnatic Singing Lesson – Divyanama Keerthanam- Raga Andhali

Tyagaraja Swami composed a set of songs to sing collectively or as a chorus, as an expression of bhakthi and bhajana tradition. These came to be known as Divya Nama Sankeerthanas. Many of these songs have the theme as Ramayana , but there are also songs on human conduct.  There are around 118 krithis which are set to simple tunes. We find that the tune repeats in every charanam after the Pallavi. So, it can be inferred that every song has a Pallavi followed by several Charanams. This style of composing is generally referred to as Lambaka Style. The simple rhythmic tunes make them ideal for group rendition.

These krithis basically deal with Nama Mahatmya. ……

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#35-Vipanchika Mahotsavam Update

Vipanchika Mahotsavam website is ready and can be accessed at www.veenafest.com 

Registration for Workshops are opened and can be accessed at http://veenafest.com/workshop/register.php