#30-Guru Poornima 2014


The crossing of this Endless ocean of samsara is enabled
by the boat that is sincere devotion to Guru
Showing me the way to the valuable dominion of renunciation,
O dear Guru, I bow to thy holy sandals.

Quoting Adi Shankaracharya

“If a person, despite possessing  a handsome, disease-free body, fame, a mountain of wealth, and even if he has studied the Vedas and all other scriptures, and has himself composed many scriptures, but has not surrendered himself at the feet of a Guru, then he has achieved nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.”

Just as an upasaka of Surya Deva(Sun) exudes the brilliance of sun, similarly a sishya radiates the glow and attraction of his guru.

Humble  Pranaams at  the Lotus feet  of the three Gurus in our life – The Parents, The Teachers and the Spiritual Guru whom we come across when we feel that we  are in the midst of  miseries and sufferings.

The miseries and sufferings that we undergo are truely the lessons taught by the Supreme Guru  to face the life- by becoming more patient, to keep the element of anger under check, to be more tolerant and forgiving, to become more strong and poised mentally in the most adverse situations, to be bold and honest etc. Looking at the positive side, we can conclude that if we keep our anger under control, we learn the art of becoming more patient, compassionate and forgiving.  When we become more strong mentally, we eliminate the emotion called fear and helplessness,  the honesty in you makes you more confident, being more compassionate takes away the evil quality of selfishness  etc. Thus we can see that , such a person  helps himself/herself to go through the situation with the help of an ” invisible power” – the resident divine quality that  dwells within us.”

But there are simple human beings who are not elevated to this stature, that is to find a solution with the help of the divine quality residing in him or her.  He/she simply does self-pity, moans and cries helplessly and then, forgetting all about this tries to run the routine life. Such a person definitely does nothing to prevent the recurrence of the suffering.

Spiritual seekers, draw great lessons from sorrow and they gracefully accept every trifling situation in their life as a door to spiritual elevation.  Failures and disease teach them humility.  Just like there are two sides for a coin, they know the mix of opposites in the life such as Death exists with Life,  Dishonour exists very much with fame (the person should keep his/her ego under check when he /she climbs the mountain of fame) and of course frustration challenges hope.

Quoting the words of Sree Bharathee Thirtha Swamikal of Sringeri Mutt, ” when a person faces suffering with the right attitude, he or she cannot be called a pessimist. Swamiji says that the sane attitude towards life is neither pessimistic nor unduly optimistic. Wisdom does not shrink when misery frowns nor does wisdom lose its balance when pleasure, riches and fame is at the doorstep.  By developing such an attitude,  the mind gains the quality of Sattwa. His Holiness continues that such an attitude can be developed by  satsang, devotional music, contemplation, meditation and service to humanity”.

On this auspicious day, let us make our mind holy and list our shortcomings and try to improve upon ourselves. Let us  have  implicit faith in the Supreme Power – for GOD CANNOT LEAVE HIS CHILDREN FRUSTRATED..

Everyday, let us take an appointment with GOD, to pour out all  emotions, good, bad, happiness, sorrow etc etc.just as we share everything that happens to us  with our family.  Let us imagine that  the SUPREME POWER WHO CREATED US  IS EAGERLY WAITING FOR OUR COMPANY IN THIS GARDEN  OF LIFE. A simple cry with all your heart is just that is required for asking HIM to pardon all the  mistakes that we have done to our parents( First Guru), our  Guru, to our own people and to the society at large..The mistakes done towards the parents or Guru can only be pardoned by directly falling at their Lotus Feet.. Falling at your parent’s feet is as good as falling at the Lord’s feet.  If all this is taken care  HE WILL RUN  TO YOU, EMBRACE YOU AND KEEP YOU ON HIS ARMS..PROVIDING MIRACULOUS SOLUTIONS TO THE SO CALLED MISERIES OR PROBLEMS !!!



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