#137-Krishna Songs-Janmashtami Celebrations- 2013

There is only one living being who very strongly declared himself as the supreme. That person is Supreme Lord Bhagavan Sri Krishna.

Lord Krishna declared himself as the Supreme Father: Lord Krishna declared himself as the Supreme Creator, Controller and Maintainer.In the Skanda Purana it states: “In the material world, which is full of darkness and dangers, combined with birth and death and full of different anxieties, the only way to get out of the great entanglement is to accept loving transcendental devotional service to Lord Vasudeva.”

It can be seen from Puranas that the Gopis attained salvation by Madhura Bhakthi on Lord Krishna, Kuchela and Arjuna got liberation through friendship, Devaki and Vasudeva by affection,Prahlada by constant contemplation in all states of awake, sleep, prayer and play, Sisupala attained Moksha by Enemity towards Krishna, Kamsa attained Salvation through fear of Krishna..It can be inferred that salvation can be attained by constantly thinking about Lord or singing the praise of the Lord.

The Nine Fold Path of Devotion or the Navavidha Bhakthi according to great Sages are

Sravanam – Listening to the glories of God – King Parkshit attained Moksha through this form of Bhakthi
Keerthanam-Singing the glories of God – The Trinity -Saint Tyagaraja, Muthuswamy Diskshithar and Syama Sastri
Smaranam – Contemplation of the God-Gopis and Prahalada
Padasevanam -Service at the Lords Feet- The classic example is Bharatha-Rama’s Brother who venerated the Rama Padukas
Archanam -Offerings to God-The  story of Gajendra Moksham
Vandanam –  Salutation to God – Sabari and Ahalya
Dasyam – Serving Him like a Dasa or Servant-Lakshmana and Anjaneya
Sakyam -Moving with HIm as a friend-Arjuna and Kuchela
Atmanivedanam – Absolute Surrender-King Mahabali with full devotion offers himself at the feet of the Lord

Krishna’s Life and Message

We are celebrating the birthday of Krishna every year. Taking a peep into his life, we know that HE was born in a prison. Born in a prison, he was taken to the house of Nandha. He possessed nothing. He grew up under the care of Yasoda – his foster mother- who was considering herself fortunate to bring up the child. But he became the greatest figure in the world. He sought nothing for himself. He kept nothing for himself. He befriended the Paandavas, defeated the Kauravas and crowned Dharmaputra as the emperor. He did not covet the Kingdom. He did not make himself king. He was a king without a crown. He was the king of kings. He had no kingdom of his own. But he ruled over the hearts of the millions and still continues to do so. Let us make an attempt to understand that Worldly possessions are not the secret of greatness.

Following the footsteps of the Lord

Krishna had always eluded the gopikas after playing his mischief. But once, out of compassion for them, he wanted to provide a clue by which they could trace him. One day they all lay in wait round their houses to catch Krishna. Krishna went into a house stealthily, broke a pot of milk and quietly hid himself. The gopikas found that he had broken the pot and tried to trace him. The milk white steps which he had left revealed to them his hide-out. Then, Krishna revealed to them the spiritual truth that if they cling to the feet of the Lord they realise Him. “Follow my footsteps and you shall find me,” Krishna told the gopikas.

About the Holy Gita Swami Shivananda remarks: “The Gita gives you practical lessons to regulate your daily life and conduct. The message of the Gita is the message of sacrifice, love and duty. Love all. Share what you have with others. Do your duties well. Rise above petty likes and dislikes. Keep open the portals of your heart by removing selfishness, greed and lust, so that the Supreme Lord Himself may come and dwell therein. These are the lessons of the Gita.”

Now a few melodious songs on the Supreme God !

Krishna Songs-Janmashtami Celebrations-2013-Part1


01-Muralidhara Gopala – Mand – Adi-Amritha Venkatesh
02-Ganamoorthe-Ganamoorthy-Adi-Tyagaraja-Aruna Sairam
03-Kannanin–Neelamani–Adi-S.Kalyanaraman-Bhushany Kalyanaraman
04-Govardhana-Hindolam-Rupakam-Muthuswami Deekshithar-Hyderabad Sisters
05-Aadadu – Madhyamavathi – Adi-Uthukkad Venkata Subbaiyer-Maharajapuram S.Ramachandran
06-GuruvAyUrappane appan-RitigowLa-Adi-Ambujam Krishna-Maharajapuram Santhanam
07-Enna_thavam_sheidhanai-kApi-Adhi-pApanAsham_shivan-Neyveli Santhanagopalan
08- Mudhugare Yashoda – kurinji – Adi – Annamacharya-Ranjani Gayatri
09-Kurai Ondrum Illai-Ragamalika -Adi-Sivaranjani, Kaapi, Sindhu Bhairavi-M.S.Subbalakshmi

Krishna Songs-Janmashtami Celebrations-2013-Part2


01-Vishamakkara kannan-Sencurutti – Adi-Aruna Sairam
02- Maadu Meikkum Kannae-Chenchurutti-Aruna Sairam
03-Kakkai Chiraginile – Raga Brindavana Saranga in Adi Talam – ArunaSairam
04-Govardhanagiridhara – Priya Sisters – Darbari Kaanada – Aadi
05-Madhura Madhura – Atana-Adi-Sudha Raghunathan
06-Momujoopara – Behag-Rupakam-O.S.Arun
07-Raama Govindha-Brindavanasaranga-OS Arun
08-Baktha Jana Vatsale-Brindavanasaranga-O.S.Arun
09-Guruvayurappa – Chakravagam-Adi-Sankaran Namboothiri

Happy Janmashtami Celebrations to all my friends and visitors..  🙂 Hope you enjoy the songs ..

Click Here to Download Part 1 and Part2

Click Here for Amazing Pictures of Lord Krishna

2 thoughts on “#137-Krishna Songs-Janmashtami Celebrations- 2013

  1. Dear Madam,
    Namaskarams and thanks a million for the second set of songs. Thanks also including songs requested.
    Of all the versions of Govardhana in Darbari, despite being a foreigner Higgin’s rendering still appears to be great, although recorded long time ago. Thanks also for Brindavana or OS Arun.
    Wishing you and family happy janmastami. It is a custom to draw kolam of krishna’s feet etnering the house and eat neyyappam and pori undai today. There will be huge crowd in all krishna temples today. Here in Muscat the entire road will get blocked and police will be blocking traffic towards the temple.
    Warm regards

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