#165-N.P.Ramaswamy – Vocal Concert

Sri.N.P.Ramaswamy, the veteran carnatic musician, a post graduate in Applied Chemistry is the great grand son of Sri.Palakkad Parameswara Bhagavathar who was the Asthana Vidwan of  during the time of four successive Travancore Rulers such as Swati Tirunal,Uttram Tirunal,  Ayiliam Tirunal and Visakham Tirunal.

NP Ramaswamy

Sri.N.P.Ramaswamy who has performed across the country, started giving concerts from the age of 16 and his career in music has spanned more than 65 years now. His repertoire includes over 1,500 compositions ! A top ranking artiste of All India Radio (AIR), Sri.N.P.Ramaswamy has written many books on Carnatic Music and is a vaggeyakara having composed 20 varnams and 35 krithis and 2 Tillanas. Most of his krithis are in Sanskrit.  He is a dedicated Guru and now at 82 he is still going strong with his performance, classes and composing.

Sri.N.P.Ramaswamy, is the recipient of the gold medal for Carnatic music from Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam. Other awards that were bestowed upon him were the Sangeetha Ratna, Sangeetha Poornasree awards, the Kerala state award and Sangeetha Thilakam award.

Here  are a few soulful krithis sung by the great master..


1 Nagasayananam Sri Padmanabhan- Panthuvarali  – Swathi Thirunal
2 Palaya Palaya – Kapi -KC. Keshava Pillai
3 Karunasagaran Allayo -Abhogi  – Pudukode Krishnamoorthy-
4 Sarasijanabhanin – Sowrashtram  – – Swathi Thirunal
5 Pankajakshnam Ramesan- Thodi -Rupakam- Swathi Thirunal
6 Sri Pathe Narayana – Mukhari -Keerikadu Gopalan Nair
7 Enthina Thuna Sakhi- Pudukode Krishnamoorthy- Khamas- Adi

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5 thoughts on “#165-N.P.Ramaswamy – Vocal Concert

  1. With a very Heavy heart & in a state of Deep grief, regret to inform the sad demise of Sri. N P ramaswamy today. ( 05th November, 2019).

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