# 9 – Musical Notes and Chakras

As mentioned elsewhere in this blog, the swaras of musical octave are related to Chakras in the human body with their respective Elements (Panchabhoothas) as  follows:

 ShadjamThe Mooladhara Chakra – Associated with the Energy of Survival- Element is Earth / Prithvi

RishabhamSwadhishtana Chakra – Associated with reproductive organs and life force – Element is Water/Jalam

GandharamManipooraka Chakra -Associated with power and mastery of self- Element is Fire/Agni

MadhyamamAnahatha Chakra–  Associated with energy of compassion and love-Element is Air/Vayu

PanchamamVisuddhi Chakra– Directly related to Creativity and Communication – Element is Ether/Aakasam

DhaivathamAjna Chakra- The seat of Intellect and wisdom, Analysing and Reasoning -All Elements

 NishadamSahasrara-  Associated with spiritual enlightenment, Divine Wisdom and understanding and Union with God. It also integrates all the chakras with their respective qualities.   – All Elements


These seven chakras or the most important energy centers in the body become imbalanced due to  several factors such as toxins and other impurities in our physical body and negative thoughts in our mental plane leading to several diseases.  These 7 chakras can be brought back to balance by constantly developing the habit of  positive thinking, getting out in the Sun, listening or getting involved into music by singing or playing instruments etc.

For instance, people having severe problem of Sore throat, Thyroid, Lost Voice, Mouth Ulcers, Tonsillitis, Stiff neck, Whooping cough, Laryngitis, Hoarseness or any infection or disease in throat area is said to be blocked in the Visuddhi Chakra. The physical parts associated with this Chakra are Thyroid gland, throat, upper lungs, digestive track, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

These diseases can be caused due to toxins or impurities present in our food or caused from the environment. Just thinking out loudly, these can also be caused due to the mental impurities or negative emotions or poisonous thoughts that we “swallow” in our daily life speaking/thinking ill of others, the hatred and vengeance we carry with us through out our life time against certain people/incidents etc.  All such thoughts deteriorates, undermines and disintegrates this energy center inviting physical diseases in the throat area.

The name of this chakra itself can be split as Visha + Shuddhi where “Visha” means poison in Sanskrit and Shuddhi refers to cleaning or  purifying. This means purifying or getting cleared from all the difficulties and unpleasant experiences that we have suppressed or swallowed during the various phases of our life.

To get cleared of such problems with the throat we should either take a resolute determination to either spit out the poison (Visha) of negative or mean thoughts, harsh or rude words uttered to our own loved ones in the family/friends/neighbours  etc, or to deeply swallow the poison of insult or bad treatment suffered by us by graciously forgiving the doer. Let us not forget the incredible power and intelligence within us that constantly responds to our thoughts and deeds. So we have to make sure  that our thoughts and deeds are always positive. This realisation or self- analysis will help us to clear the blocks in the Vissudhi Chakra which leads us to enhance our abilities and skills to blossom. Such a person will have a talent for singing or speech together with a well balanced mind filled with  calm thoughts. Musically Ragas Dwijavanthi and Desh are associated with this Chakra.

It has been scientifically researched that the probable cause for Cancer, the most dreaded disease could be deep hurt in one self, longstanding resentment or hatred towards a person (the resentment is so big that the moment the thought of other person comes to one‘s mind, he/she starts getting agitated/irritated), a deep secret or grief stored within ourself for a long time etc.

The best solution is to lovingly forgive and release all pent up negative emotions firstly and then choose to fill our world  with joy and enjoy life’s blessings called as family, children, parents, friends etc. Above all having implict faith and surrender to the SUPREME POWER definitely will help us to heal ourselves exponentially. When we make a sincere effort to do this, the whole Universe conspires for us and people whom we think would harm us (this is just psychological mostly) may even start thinking about us kindly and in good terms !!

The Carnatic music which has its origin from the time of Vedas, is capable of removing all the blocks in the Sapta Chakras, thereby ensuring physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual well being to the human society..

Have a Great Day 🙂

17 thoughts on “# 9 – Musical Notes and Chakras

  1. Excellent advise (although it is a bit difficult to forgive all those bad guys so easily) and thanks for keeping up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful analysis madam. Music really works wonders in bringing balance in one’s life, apart from taking us closer to God.
    Looking forward for more such interesting articles

  3. can some one tabulate the names of North Indian ( Hindusthani) ragaa with names of the each seven Chakra

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