#37-Pursuing the Higher Purpose in our Life..

We are all born empty-handed and are destined to leave the world in the same manner. But we are born, and we are born for a purpose. Why are we here on Earth ? We are here in this world with a bundle of unique talents that allows us to readily realize the purpose of our life. The key objective is to realize our life mission.

Mother Teresa was born to serve people and she has attained the status of immortality through her deeds setting example for many.Two lessons can be learned from the life of  Mother Teresa, a highly actualized person. She had the vision and discipline to pursue her life’s purpose and ensured that she served other people as well,  while she realized her purpose of being born in this planet.

What we learn here is, when we have a dream or desire, we are also equipped with corresponding talents or capacity to realize it, which is a great  Universal Truth. We have to find out what we truly love and direct all our energy towards doing it. Amazingly, our passion turns out to improve or serve the lives of  many others too while we are in the process of realizing it. 

The truth is that,a person who has  found out his/her true passion and has really started working and pursuing on it, only for the sake of absolute love for that particular art form,- the whole Universe, the Heaven and the Earth will conspire for him/her towards its fulfillment. Fulfillment comes when the person lives for the sake of practicing the art. This fulfillment will bring that person success in all walks of his life. This fulfillment can be material, physical,emotional, or spiritual as is wished by the person. It is here we need to become more alert and cautious. Once the person has started tasting success which brings him money, materials,fame, prosperity etc, the person has to exercise his willpower to not to lose focus from his passion or life mission and get overly fascinated by the by- products of success mentioned above. He has to constantly check himself/herself, every now and then, to keep the ego or ahamkaara under perfect control. If a machinery is not used for many days, it will be rusted. The same case is with will power. God has given this will power to every human. We need to exercise it to build our inner strength. We need to master our will to become the master of our destiny.

If we do not exercise our will power in keeping our ego under check, then MAYA will take its lead and the result is we start focusing on the by-products of success,chasing them. Within a short time, we lose our focus from the primary goal,that is, pursuing our passion and we run behind materialism.Again, we are back in Square One.

As Krishna says in Gita, this can easily be conquered when we dedicate all our vichaara (thoughts), karma(deeds) and karma phala (results) to HIM. Let us dedicate whatever we do to this Parabrahma that resides in us. Rest is taken care.

A beautiful analogy is, the baby in the womb, who does not have a separate existence without its mother. It never thinks that “I am growing on my own, I am finding my own food”, etc-rather it is totally unaware of what is happening. We all know that the baby gets it prana vaayu, its food, its blood and all saptha dathus only from its mother/parents. We are also in a similar position. We are inside the womb of the Parabrahma/Paramaathma Chaitanya. We breathe and we live only because of the Parabrahma that resides in us in the form of Prana Sakthi. We never bother nor think about this and we take our life for granted ever thankless to the Supreme for giving us this beautiful life in this wonderful planet.

Just thinking loudly, is it for this reason, that it is only for humans, the head /brain-the seat of intellect is positioned right at the top to think high about the higher purpose in life ? The brain when filled with thoughts of what we wish to achieve,(can be called as goals) energizes the subconscious mind directing all thoughts and deeds towards its fulfillment. Visualization of goals focuses your attention on what needs to be done to get what you desire.

Have you identified your unique set of Gifts/Talents bestowed on you by the Supreme Power?

Fan the flames of your inner potential and you will automatically be guided to realize your mission in this world. Its a wonderful feeling to experience when you know that while fulfilling your dreams you become selfless(because you dedicate everything to GOD), you are also improving / serving many other lives and you are loved by all and the crowning glory is that YOUR LIFE’S WORK BECOMES YOUR LEGACY !!

Have a Great Day ! 🙂

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