Carnatic Forum in Facebook

Dear Friends

A Carnatic forum named Center for Excellence in Carnatic Music is  introduced in facebook where every week focusses on a particular theme in relation to Carantic Music. This forum is an open discussion forum where members can post songs mp3, youtube video, lyrics, notations and all other related information with regard to the theme. Become a member (its free ) and learn more..

How to become a Member

Its quite simple.  Search the name  Center for Excellence in Carnatic Music in facebook  and send a request for membership. After checking the profile of the requested user, membership will be approved by the ADMIN.

This week’s theme is as follows..

14-07-2014-Monday – MuthuSwami Dikshitar- Krithis in Dhruva Tala, Matya Tala, Jhampa Tala, Eka Talam
15-07-2014-Tuesday – MuthuSwami Dikshitar- Krithis in Adi, Rupaka and Chappu Talas
16-07-2014-Wednesday – Tyagarajar-Krithis in Desadi and Madhyadi Talas -( A variety of Adi Tala)
17-07-2014-Thursday – Tyagarajar-Krithis in Rupaka,Chappu, Jhampa,Triputa, Khanda Chappu
18-07-2014-Friday – Syama Sastri- Krithis in Chappu talas
19-07-2014-Saturday- Syama Sastri- Krithis in Adi ,Rupaka, Jhampa,Ata,Khanda Chappu and Eka talas
20-07-2014-Sunday- Member’s Choice on the above theme

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#21-Analysis of Bhairavi Ata Tala Varnam

Here is a brief analysis of Bhairavi Ata Tala Varnam.  These are taken from the notes handwritten by me. It is a scanned version to avoid the duplicate task of typing..

Bhairavi Ata Tala Varnam

The composer of the Bhairavi Ata Tala Varnam is Pachchimiriyam Adiyappayya who lived in the 18th century.He is the guru of Syama Sasthry, one of the trinities of the Carnatic Music. Adiyappayya is well known for contributing the musical form Tana Varna. For this reason, he is known as the “Tana Varna Margadarsi”. He was also a great Vainika.

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#159-Live Recordings of Palakkad Rama Bhagavathar

Palghat Rama Bhagavathar (5th June 1888 – 26th May 1957) was not born great nor was greatness thrust on him. He became a “great man” by his total dedication to Carnatic Music and “departed leaving behind him foot prints on the sands of time” ever firmly, ever perceivable and non-erasable. The Tamil poets Avvaiyar has said, “Rare is it to be born as a human being, rarer still is to be born with one’s body and mind without defects and rarest of all is to have one’s faculties fully functional and focused in the service of God and One’s fellow human beings”.

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