This blog is  starting with a new  link  called Articles which shall highlight about Composers, their krithis and interpretations, about their life , vision  etc. To start with,  the first topic is Tyagaraja’s views of Music. All these articles are extracted from various texts, Lecture Demonstrations and Dissertations and Projects submitted by various musicologists and subject experts and also a few of my own interpretations. Hope this will help a student of music and musically oriented souls to have more insight into the subject.

#7- Seminar on Navāvarana Krithis

#6-Analysis of the Krithi Sree Subramanyaya Namasthe- Kamboji

#5-The Specialities in the Krithis of Sri.Muthuswamy Dikshitar

#4-SYAMA SASTRI-Monumental Edifice of Carnatic music.

#3-A Study of Navarathri Krithis of Maharaja Swathi Tirunal

#2-Tyagaraja and His Compositions on Nada Yoga

#1-Tyagaraja’s Views of Music

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