#153-Hyderabad Sisters-Live Concert 2011

Lalitha and Haripriya popularly known as Hyderabad Sisters are the disciples of Sangeetha Vidwaan Sri T.G. Padmanabhan, who belonged to the famous Alattur school of music, being the direct disciple of Sri Alattur Venkatesa Iyer.Gifted with appealing and melodious voices, the Hyderabad Sisters have been regaling large audiences in every sabha with extraordinary appeal and appreciation.



01 Mahaganapatim – Nata
02 Emani ne – Mukhari
03 Devadideva-Sunadavinodini
04 Pakkala_Nilabadi-Kharaharapriya
05 Sanjalam-Valajhi
06 Barayya-Subhapantuvarali
07 Nanati-Revati
08 Sthirata-Kalyani
09 Tillana-Brindavani

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