#16-Yamuna Kalyani – An Endlesss Stream of Flowing Melody…

Raga Yamankalyan/Yamunakalyani is the janya of 65th Mela MechaKalyani.This raga is often taught to beginners in Hindustani music. Subbarama Dikshitar classifies the raga as bhashanga and desiya.The raga has all swaras of Kalyani except for the  Suddha Madhyamam. It is this note which gives the raga its distinctive quality of peace, and tranquility.
It is an evening raga that is performed extensively by both vocalists and instrumentalists. The raga is popular for its melodic appeal and high emotional content and is very romantic in nature. It is a mammoth raga that continues to be explored throughout a musical career. This raga brings out various rasas or emotions namely bhakti, gambhira, shringara, serene/peaceful/soothing. This raga is generally opted by romantic poets for bringing out the feel of longing, separation etc. I would like to compare this raga to a very beautiful butterfly with many exquisite shades of melodious colours. It is said and experienced that this raga gives freshness and dynamism and relief for Arthritis,Rheumatic disorder,Muscular & Joint Pain.

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Lord Shiva and the number 5

Five Faces:
Shiva is 5 faced. His faces are Satyojatham, thathpurusham, eesaanam, vaamadevam and aghoram. It was from this five faces the five variable swaras ri, ga, ma, dha and ni of carnatic music evolved. Lord Muruga, the son of Lord Shiva has 6 faces. 5 of his faces are created from shiva’s five faces.

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