#5-Carnatic Singing Lesson – Devadeva Kalayami

Here is a home recording of the Krithi Deva Deva Kalyamithe-Raga Mayamalavagowla. The krithi is sung in a slow pace for learning purpose. Refer to the notations for guidance in swara sthanas. Intended for students in Intermediary Level in Carnatic Music.

Just click to read the file and Right Click and Click “Save Target As” to save the pdf file.

Devadevakalayami-Rupakam-Mayamalavagowla-Swathi Tirunal.pdf

Click here to Download Audio

10 thoughts on “#5-Carnatic Singing Lesson – Devadeva Kalayami

  1. Very nice to hear the song. My daughter presently studying in 8 standard and she use to sing the song often. But she was not having the notation so far. Now your notation will surely help her to enrich the value of the song for her. Thank you. Please arrange for notations for famous songs like this.

  2. Madam, it is really a great pleasure to hear your songs. I am 53 years old . I have learnt the basic lessons in my teens. But i didnt develop my talent further. But now i want to sing atleast in our domestic functions. Can u please guide me?

  3. your effort is appreciative but please upload recordings in the format of teaching and learning methods, l mean the teacher should sing and give enough time space to listens and repeated by a student as a learner. the presentation should have in the format of a music class simply. here you continuously singing without a teaching approach to listeners or anyone just a rendering without accompaniments that is what i felt which is not fully useful to learn and enjoy music

    • Thankyou for pausing and writing your comments. Are you aware that I have spent so much of my precious time and money to build this blog, to propagate Carnatic Music ? This was recorded during a class session after teaching and the students wanted me to sing alone so that they could record and learn.

      There are lessons available for download as you have mentioned, by paying a fee for Beginners Level 1 , Beginners Level 2 , etc . If you need please send a mail to learnsangeetham@gmail.com.

  4. hi madam. I really like music but unfortunately I discontinue music. now I like learn with you.please tell me how can do that. if possible could you explain how to sing swarali varisaigal in shankaraparana raga

  5. You really did a good effort to sing this Swathi Thirunal krithi. I am not a learned person in Classical music. But, when we hear the same from Yesudas, we can not feel anybody’s rendering is up to the mark. Please listen to this same song in Yesudas voice

    • Hello Mastertrainer

      Thanks for listening to this audio. I feel that nobody can match Semmangudi’s way of rendering this krithi. Ofcourse, Yesudas is a great musician, no doubts.

      This audio was recorded while teaching this song to my students and hence I named it LESSON. Its not a concert recording. When we teach, we teach in a very elementary level so that the students can understand and comprehend the raga. Later when they become very fluent with the krithi and the raga, we take them to a higher level.

  6. Dear Anuradha ma’am , It is a wonderful feeling to listen to your Krithi very first thing in the morning. Thanks a lot for your kind heart to post this in your blog and making your blog very very informative for enthisiastic teachers and Sangeetha abhyasikas. I think people should listen to each and every composition without any expectation but should just feel the Sahitya bhava . Though it was an impromptu version, learners can easily understand and learn as each and every swarasthana is so nirdishtam(perfect). Request you to also upload in case you have your concert recordings mam .Will be a path director for all rasikas and amateur music lovers . May god shower you with more and more sangeetha gnana , good health , Peace and prosperity.

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