167-Songs on Sringeri Sri Saradamba

Sringeri Sharada Peetham, the Advaita Vedanta Mutt established by Adi Shankara in 8th century AD, is the  abode of Goddess Saradamba who is Guru Swaroopini.  It is through the Jagadguru of Sringeri Mutt she dispenses HER blessings to devotees. SHE is the embodiment of Knowledge and  Adi Sankara describes Goddess Saradamba as Brahmavidya who is identical to the Incommensurable Brahman Itself. SHE is the Brahma Swaroopini who reigns as a single deity in this holy place and is also known as Sri Sharada Parameshwari.

Here are a few soulful songs about Sringeri Saradamba.


01- Pranamami Ganeshwaram-Hamsadwani-by Jagadguru
02-Subramanyam Sada Vande_Shanmukhapriya-Bharathi Theerthar
03-Sangeetha Samrajya–Mohanakalyani-Parupalli Satyanarayana
04-Veena Sharada Vani – Amrithavarshini
05-Sri Sankara Guruvaram – Nagaswaravali-Mahavadiyanatha Sivan-Sumitra Vasudev
06-Shankara Desika Mamava – Abhinava Vidyatheertha
07-Sharade – Karunanidhe-Hamirkalyani
08-Sringeri Sharade – Sringeri Nilaye – Balamuralikrishna
09-Sree Sharadhamba-Saramathi-Deekshita -Bharathi Theethar

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27 thoughts on “167-Songs on Sringeri Sri Saradamba

    • Hello Shyamala

      You can download it. Fill the form with the name and other details. It will ask you to wait for 30 seconds. Then click download. The file will be downloaded in zip format. You have to unzip it using the software WINZIP. After unzipping you will get individual mp3 files

  1. Hi,
    can you please post the lyrics and notations for shringapuradeeshwari sharadae in raaga kalyani.

  2. Namaste Madam.

    The songs cannot be downloaded. There is a message displayed that the download for maximum bandwidth is over for the day, try tomorrow. But even after trying for 2-3 days downloading the file does not happen. Please help.

    Venkatesh Kikkeri

  3. Sorry for the inconvenience. Everyday only 50 downloads are allowed for this particular post. The counter will be reset every midnight 12 am to zero. Since there are huge downloads everyday from various posts, the server company has imposed a restriction as per the fair policy to restrict the bandwidth usage.

  4. Hi,
    can we get the song for download with name ‘Amba laali jagadamba laali’ laali song of sri srigeri sharadha devi

    • 167 stands for the number of song sets that i have uploaded. May be there is excess download for the day and the server has put a restriction. The link is working perfectly fine. You can download and unzip it.

  5. After Navaratri Dubar in Sankara TV background song is fine. I want to download the same.

    Kindly give your guidance.

  6. Hi.,
    Could you please update with “amba laali jagadamba laali” laali song of sri sringeri sharadamba devi..
    Thanks in advance

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