#2- Bhajans-Singing Lessons

A few more Bhajans for the kids to learn.. 🙂

05-Bhajan- Ragam : Sindhubhairavi Talam : Adi

Seethapathe Daasarathe Dasaradha Nandana Dayaanidhe
Raadhapathe Paarthasake Devaki Nandana  Dayaanidhe


06-Paripalaya-Reethigowla-Rupakam-Tyagaraja-Divya Naama Keerthanam


paripālaya paripālaya paripālaya raghu nātha


1. tanuvē nīkanuvaina sadanamaurā raghu nātha (pari)

2. sthira cittamu vara chāmīkara pīthamuraghu nātha (pari)

3. ibha pālaka abhimānamu śubha chēlamu raghu nātha (pari)

4. hari nāma smaranambulu irulaurā raghu nātha (pari)

5.ninnu jūchutē ghana dīpārādhanamaurā raghu nātha (pari)

6. pūjā vidhi naija tyāgarāja krtamu raghu nātha (pari)


07-Rama Bhajan – Ragam Mohanam Talam : Adi

Rama Rama Rama Rama – Rama Naama Tharakam
Rama Krishna Vasudeva Bhakthi Mukthi Daayakam
Janaki Manoharam Sarva Loka Naayakam
Sankaraadhi Sevya Maana Divya Naama Vaibhavam

10 thoughts on “#2- Bhajans-Singing Lessons

  1. Rama Rama i used to sing in my school, even now I did not forget the words – 45 years, Just started learning carnatic music for past 1 1/2 years. actually at that time we don’t have a chance of learning the music, now I am doing it very happily.

  2. Ma’am I have become a fan of your blog… Excellent rendition to our Carnatic music. Thanks for keeping up our rich heritage and tradition..

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