After Visiting Kanchipuram Temple during January this year, I was completely hypnotized seeing Goddess Kamakshi dressed up as Goddess Saraswathi with a Veena on her hand. It was as though SHE was sitting there live playing the Divine Instrument with a very beautiful smile on her face..Was not feeling like coming back home..All the way back home, I was telling my life partner that when am I going to see her again..She looks so divine…I realised that there was a wave of absolute surrender at HER feet with Intense Devotion..Suddenly I felt somehow there was a supreme attachment to Goddess Kamakshi after seeing HER almost 30 years after ..I was in a Trance !!
Next day morning, when somebody rang the door bell and as I rushed to open the door expecting the man who delivers the milk, I was completely surprised and taken aback when I saw one of my my students with a very big portrait (as big as 6 feet) of Goddess Kamakshi,  exactly as I saw HER in Kanchipuram right in front of me !!!
It was as if SHE was just behind me on the way back home.. I had given it for framing and it was endless waiting till today.
But SHE had chosen this day, TODAY – Friday – 20th April 2018, Sankara Jayanthi – to come to our home. SHE does not fit inside the Pooja Room wall.. She prefers to sit in my Music Hall, the only place, where I could place HER, other than my HEART !!..
Sharing the Divine portrait with all my friends here.. Feeling Immensely Blessed ..

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