21-Uplift /Empower Your Mind

The following is the  excerpt of a talk that I listened recently and noted down certain points which are worth sharing..

Although nobody is born perfect, everyone is equipped with a wonderful tool for progress, THE MIND.  The mind is educated when our parents  send us to school to learn different subjects and skills. But this vocational education is simply not sufficient. We need other forms of education like moral education which trains our character. Here we educate our mind with moral values of truthfulness, self-control and humility ; without which our lives can face disaster. Morally educated or elevated minds radiate strength, honesty and peace. The third and the most important education is spiritual education where the mind is uplifted towards the realisation of GOD or infinite.

The mind is constantly under the sway of three gunas, namely satvika , rajasika and tamasika. The lowest of them is the tamasika which is an embodiment of laziness, dullness and stupidity. When the mind is charged and alert, ambitious and active  rajasika guna takes dominance. When the mind is under the force of Satvika, it brings calmness, understanding and happiness. A human should strive hard to increase the satvika qualities through spiritual education.

A human being has to essentially  train his/her mind with the satvika qualities  such as  mental calmness, control of senses, fearlessness, forgiveness, patience, spiritual friendship, faith and finally bhakthi or devotion.

Mental Calmness

Swamiji says mental calmness can be achieved through devotional music, contemplation and meditation. If our senses are out of  control, we react wildly and thus upset our mental balance. Such outbursts results in higher levels of BP.  A turbulent mind can never take wise decisions or right decisions. Such people should try to calm the mind with will power.  Today’s generation thinks that in order to enjoy happiness, our senses have to be wild. No. If a man is hungry and if he goes to a nearby restaurant and grabs his food like an animal, he does not really enjoy his food. But if he eats with calmness, he thoroughly appreciates the food he tastes.


Today’s world offers everything in an instant. Its instant coffee, instant noodle etc. We want everything instantly at the time we start thinking about it. There is no patience..We do not want to take the trouble of reading a whole book to pass an exam, if it is available in a capsuled format, its fine. Similarly we want to experience instant God Realisation. But how is this possible? Instant GOD REALISATION is not possible just like INSTANT SAMADHI. The great teachers tell us to patiently continue our contemplation with prayers and disciplines and not to expect immediate results. When  a seed is sowed, it does not become a plant instantly. The baby in a womb takes full 9 months to come out from the time of conception. Only then the baby is fully grown. What happens if the baby comes out in the fifth or sixth month ? So, here the parents have to be patient till such time to see a fully grown baby that is going to enlighten their lives.


We are not born with  a mountain of faith, but to achieve a goal, we must have a little faith in God and in our spiritual potential. If you keep on saying “Oh, I cannot do this or I am doomed to hell”, then you train your mind to think that you are not able to do and ultimately you will be doomed to hell. Think the reverse. I have kindled a flame called faith and love to GOD within me. Though the flame  seems to be weak initially, I trust that it will grow each day. Such faith can be developed by associating oneself to holy people or to satsang groups. Faith has to be put in action. We have to think that God exists and listens to our prayers. He is residing inside us within our hearts, and we can grow closer to HIM through steady and consistent effort.

Bhakthi or Devotion

There is rarely a person in this universe who does not love something. Some  have a passion towards their car or music or kids or family etc. Generally people say that I pray to God everyday that HE helps me to clear all my liabilities, or give me  a better job or more money or to cure my disease-but till now HE has not responded. But if we pray, “O GOD , I want to love you without any expectation,” then GOD runs to us and says, “Yes I am waiting for your love.”

Yet another way to uplift the mind is to discover and re-channel its creative power. Mind has tremendous potential and we should never underestimate its creative power. We need to practice creative visualization that  uses the power of the mind and is the power behind every success. The more open-minded we can be, and the bigger we dare to think, the greater are our opportunities and possibilities. Limitations are within our minds, and it is up to us to rise above them.

It may take some time until things start to change.   Have faith and patience in the UNIVERSAL POWER and results will start pouring in.

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