#28-Why should one look into the hands in the morning ?

Eye on the hands is duly contemplated in the scriptures. It has been stated in this context

Karaagre Vasate Lakssmih Karamadhye Sarasvati |
Karamuule Tu Govindah Prabhaate Karadarshanam ||

The wealth Godess lies in the fore portion of the hand,Goddess of wisdom at its middle portion and Lord Govinda at its root. One should have a look on his hands while reciting the above hymn. The provision envisaged in the scriptures holds a great meaning. It fills the human heart with the sprouting of self-sufficiency and self-dependence. He does not look for any support from others, becomes habitual to look at his own hands in all acts pertaining to him. Whatever the nature of work, either good or bad is performed through hands. This hand is the only key to the four Purushaarthaas like Dharma- righteousness, duty and moral order, Artha- wealth and prosperity, Kama- worldly desires and Moksha- liberation.

Dharma is always given a highest importance. Rama personifies Dharma in Ramayana and was crowned as a King. In Mahabharatha, Krishna himself crowned Yudhishtira as King who was also called Dharmaputhra.  Artha, is the second goal of life for the householder for the attainment of wealth and material prosperity. The efforts or means to realizing this goal must have a righteous and moral basis. It must be based on dharma or lawful means.   Kama, is the fulfillment of biological, physical and material desires. The householder is instructed by the shastras to legitimately fulfill his or her worldly desires in accordance with the canons of dharma. Artha & Kama are important goal for the growth and progress of society.  Moksha means liberation worldly desires and Maya, freedom from the cycles of birth and death, and the experiences of divine happiness. This is the ultimate goal of human life. It is achieved through taking the refuge of God or a God-realized guru. Through the guru’s grace one becomes free from the bondage or Maya.

The hymn basically explains the need for three things in order to achieve top success in life.These things are wealth, Knowledge and the grace of Almighty. Lack of even a single thing will throw the life into the blind cave of imperfection. These three things dwell on our hands, the representative of acts. One should therefore imagine the inherent meaning of the hymn while looking at the hands and resolve.”I will be a successful man, I will depend on my own hands instead of looking for other’s assistance. I will do labour through these beautiful hands to defeat poverty and foolishness and finally attain emancipation by surrendering and receiving kind shelter of Govinda.

Lastly when I open my hand and pray to God I feel that I remain completely open to God and accept whatever HE gives me most gracefully. Secondly, I feel that there’s nothing to hold on to. We come to this world with a closed fist declaring I will bring everything into my hands and control and conquer the world. But when we leave the world, the hands are left open wide showing that we are taking back nothing. What remains between the two breaths, the Breathe In – when God Breathes life into the body that is born and Breathe Out – When God takes it back- is nothing but the LIFE that we live here and our aim should be to make it ever fragrant even when we cease to exist..

Have a Good Day. 🙂

3 thoughts on “#28-Why should one look into the hands in the morning ?

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