#51- Janmashtami Thoughts !

The food In the ancient scenario, there were great rishis who underwent severe penance sacrificing their bodies for the attainment of salvation or moksha. But in today’s scenario, we cannot even think of such an extremity. Thinking in a very very practical manner, we understand that the body and soul are not enemies and we have to accept the fact that the body was not thrust upon us by any external source and it was the house built by the soul itself for a specific purpose in each of our life. Until the purpose for which it was built is accomplished, it cannot be thrown away. But if you cling on to body and throw away the soul or vice versa, what will be your success rate in your life ? We cannot think of this universe without thinking about the power that created it. So the universe and the power that created it are not two entities. You cannot draw a line of visible and invisible force. Just because, you do not see the invisible force, you cannot say that it doesn’t exist.

It is a very well known fact that a thing that which has not served its purpose cannot be abandoned. Quoting a daily life example, if we have eaten a sumptuous meal, we may not feel to eat again for the second time a few minutes later. Just a few minutes ago that meal was so inviting and enchanting and you were in an ecstasy to relish it. But now it has become redundant because the meal has served its purpose. Now suddenly you feel that you have no connection or attachment with that meal now.  We realise that everything is related to us for a particular purpose and for a particular period of time only. Beyond that time, it has no value.

We cannot divide our life into discreet sections or categories of purposes. Our life grows in a vertical, comprehensive and holistic manner from a lower level to higher level over a period of time sailing through the rough seas of tougher experiences. These rough experiences do not kill us. And as the saying goes, “that which does not kill us makes us stronger”. The growth is holistic just like a seed that grow into a huge banyan tree over a number of years. In this process we outgrow lower categories of petty wants and desires and step into a larger maturity of wholeness. We begin to perceive things, experiences and all the moments we encounter in our daily life with a dignified maturity and poise. When we mature to this level, we feel that the body completely co-operates with the inner soul and we feel a sense of well being. We feel the inner acceptance that allow us to be shaped by the will of God.

Every human passes through discomforts in his life journey and these discomforts or the so called rough seas become crucial in revealing your purpose of life. On this travel you overcome several obstacles and failures and at times you “fail” miserably. This FAIL is so important. Its your First Attempt In Learning. It teaches you to get up with grit and bounce back. When we observe the lives of accomplished artists or athletes with outstanding achievements we understand that its just not talent alone, but a special blend of passion and persistence that contributed to the outstanding success.

In this journey, the life presents us with a team of allies or friends who sometimes turn to become our mentors. They are our life’s blessings to sail smooth. Good friends or Gurus will guide us through adversity and will assist in becoming forever transformed by our journey. Once we are in this transformed state, we will voluntarily give back to the society the treasure of our experiences both good and bad, our academic knowledge or expertise in any domain. We will transform ourself  as a mentor. 

We feel a sense of accomplishment without any egoistic traits or extra ordinary level of pride. Our selfless love and service to the world will be acknowledged by the people who came before us and by people who will follow us. At this state, just like we become unattached to the food that we relished with great enthusiasm once, we become unattached to this body and just engage ourselves in Karma Yoga as quoted in the epic scripture Bhagavad Gita, without thinking of the results. When we become unattached to this body , our soul housed inside this body begins to glow  and we begin to experience an indescribable bliss and nothing but love and compassion flows out of us.  We live to serve. When we gradually evolve to this stage, we feel that our life was not meaningless and we have served its purpose..!!.  After serving this Janma, the blessed body leaves the soul without any force, just like a very ripe mango separates itself from the tree..!

Wishing you all a very Divine Janmashtami !

One thought on “#51- Janmashtami Thoughts !

  1. How and when will we know that we are getting into contact with the soul! How and when will we know the purpose of our Janma! How to know the progress card of this life – achievements improvements & expectations of the soul through our body & Mind!!

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