#29- Concert @ International Medical Conference at Kochi

Was privileged to be invited for a concert, for the International Medical Conference that’s happening at Crowne Plaza. We had an elite and very receptive audience who were Doctors from all parts of the world belonging to various Departments like Neuro, Oncology etc. Happy to say that I was given an opportunity to give the details of therapeutic effects of ragas in Carnatic Music System to a TEAM OF MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS . This theme was well received by the doctors who gave us a standing ovation after the concert . The doctors came up for a discussion about the effect of ragas after the concert was over.

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#24-Upcoming Navarathri Concerts-2016

My upcoming Veena Concerts during Navarathri – All are welcome. 🙂


October 3rd – Monday – 7.30 to 8.30 pm – Dakshina Mookambika Temple – North Paravoor

#22 – Vaggeyakaara Vaibhavam

Programme on Vaggeyakara Vaibhavam at Edappally Sangeetha Sadas on 21st Feb. Sunday 6 pm.

This programme is a lec-dem concert about the various songs presented giving an insight about the composer, the krithi and the raga that is chosen by the composer. All are welcome..  🙂


Saraswathi Pooja and Vidyaarambham @ Shanmukapriya School of Music

Namasthe Mahaadevi Hey Varna Roope
Namasthe Mahaadevi Geervaana Vandye
Namasthe Mahaapadma Kaanthaara Vaase
Samasthaamcha Vidyaam Pradehi Pradehi

Salutations great goddess, oh goddess who is colured,
Salutations to great goddess, who is being worshipped by devas,
Salutations to the Goddess who lives in the cavity of lotus flower,
Bless me , bless me with all the known knowledge.

Shanmukhapriya School of Music

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#22-Live Concert-Navarathri Mandapam-Paravur Dakshina Mookambika Temple

Edappaly Sunil on Mridangam and Balachandran on Ghatam

Edappaly Sunil on Mridangam and Balachandran on Ghatam

A  few photographs taken during the Live Concert @ Navarathri Mandapam- Dakshina Mookambika Temple at Paravur  and a  few audio tracks recorded during the event

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#6-Carnatic Singing Lesson – Kandena Govindana-Adi-Chandrakouns


Here is a recording of the Krithi Kandena Govindana in Raga Chandrakouns composed by Sri. Purandaradasar. This krithi was taught in the recent workshop conducted in Bangalore and it is just a glimpse of what we did during the afternoon session.

The krithi is sung in a slow pace for learning purpose. Refer to the notations for guidance in swara sthanas. Intended for students in Intermediary Level in Carnatic Music.

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