The Ganaraga Pancharathna Kritis -Sankaran Namboothiri

The Ganaraga Pancharathna KritisSankaran Namboothiri

Every Kirtana is a beautiful temple in which the great composer has installed the God of his heart for worship by those who sing and those who hear. – Rajaji.

Saint Thyagaraja  is considered an avathara (incarnation) of Saint Valmiki.  Tyagaraja’s compositions are rich in devotional and philosophical content. They are noted for their superior structure, superb handling of ragalakshanas and apt choice of raga and words. The world of Carnatic music owes a lot to Saint Tyagaraja for the treasure that he is bestowed on them


01-Jagadanandakaraka – Natta-Adi

The Nattai composition is a list of 108 names of the Lord (an astothra satha namavali); gleaned from both the Ramayana and the Bhagavatha.

02 – Dudukugala-Gowla-Adi

“Dudukugala” is a list of man’s foibles which bring him sorrow and misery. A long list of “don’ts” which, if not avoided are bound to bring sorrow.

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Charukesi- The Raga Close to the Heart

#7 – Charukesi- The Raga Close to the Heart

Charukesi  , the 26th melakartha  raga  which belongs to Bana Chakra(the 5th Chakra) is an exotic and intriguing raga that invokes a meditative mood. This raga clearly brings out  the flavours of  Sringara (Romance), Soka (Sorrow), Saantha (Tranquil, Peace) and  Bhakthi Rasa (devotion)with equal felicity. It can also   be said that the raga essentially conveys the feeling of  “nenjai urukkum “ quality .

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Happy Vishu to Viewers

Happy Vishu to Viewers

 Today (15 April 2011) is the holy festival of Vishu. The inner significance of Vishu is to cultivate sacredness in our mind.   On the Vishu day, the custom is to wake up early before sunrise in the morning and proceed towards the puja room with closed eyes and the see the Vishukani first. This ritual is called the Kanikanal. It is believed that the fortune of the New Year depends on the first thing one sees on the Vishu day. So people prepare the Vishukani for Kani Kanal with much importance so as to bring in another year of prosperity. The eldest member of the family starts giving Vishukaineetam to every younger family member. Vishukaineetam is the ritual of giving silver coins (in olden days) or money to other members of the family and wishing them that the coming years will be blessed with prosperity and success.

The traditional Vishu Sadhya is prepared at homes with Payasam and all the family members join together to have a delicious Sadhya. All festivals in India is aimed at creating an awareness of Unity and Brotherhood wishing each other all the very best of happiness and prsoperity and good health. I thank GOD that I  am very much a part of this Indian Culture where priority is given to love and unity among all the family members allowing friends too to be a part of the great celebration.

Wishing all the Viewers a Happy, Prosperous New Year Ahead….

Students from US

I was extremely happy when I  received a mail from Ms. Joanna Winter from California that if  I  could teach a Carnatic Song.  She is already a western singer. She sang for me an English song. She had a beautiful silky smooth voice. I taught her Varaveena Mrudupani – A geetham in Mohana Raga. Amazingly she picked up the lesson very fast. You can see her here.

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Essence of Nidityaasana

Essence of Nidityaasana

Nidityaasana is all about CBM – Confidence Building Measures for a Samsaari.  When in difficullty,  how does a normal human being respond? Immediately he/she  will rush to his friends or fellow beings for help. Now how will they respond? 

  • They will be very sympathetic to you.. 
  • Yow will be loaded with  heaps of advice and lectures
  • Yow will be mercilessly lectured about the mistakes done by you for the present difficult situation you are in..

 and literally there will be no Confidence Building Support or a single word from your fellow beings … Do you really want to solve the difficulty you are facing without any support from your fellow beings…Then..

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Godly Vehicles

Godly Vehicles

Ganesha – Mooshika the Mouse
Brahma – Hamsa when sitting or Seven swans
Vishnu – Garuda, the eagle and Adi Shesha, the Serpent
Shiva – Nandi, the Bull
Saraswathi – Hamsa or swan or sometimes peacock
Lakshmi – Lotus flower when seated and the owl
Durga or Parvati – Tiger or Lion
Yama – Buffalo
Adityas / Sun God – Seven horses / Agni

Ganesha – Mooshika the Mouse

Ganesha’s vehicle is Mooshika the Mouse. You may wonder how a small mouse can carry on its back a hefty personality like Ganesha.

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