#8- 100 Ragas – Their Timings & Effects

Here is a pdf file where you can see the different ragas and their effects along with their gaanakala or time. This file is updated  now and has 100 ragas with their effects. The download links provided will not work for the time being as the server is being relocated. Since I am receiving mails everyday regarding this topic, I though I will give it as a separate post.

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An Important Announcement-Downloads Affected Again

Dear Friends and Visitors

This is to bring to your notice that once again I am forced to change the server for a third time as the hosting company is demanding exorbitant money (more than a lakh ) to store the files of various concerts which is around 60 GB uploaded so far.  Being primarily a  music teacher, this is more than I could afford.

I am in a crossroad and a decision has to be taken now right today itself as to whether I should continue with this blog or leave it as it is.  I have spent years on making notes on music lessons and collecting concerts for more than the past 20 years. Most importantly I do it as a service and will remain so, as long as time permits. Just like a naughty child the blog also gives me headaches by bringing up controversies, which you may be aware.

Inspite of all this,  this  blog  has  now become  as dear as my own child that I have decided not to abandon it.

I am planning to distribute all the concerts uploaded so far in  different servers which requires lot of time for uploading again and linking it with my blog. So you may find that most of the download links say that the account is suspended for some time.

 Before commenting that  files cannot be downloaded , please see this announcement.  Other than the existing downloads links (to be precise upto #157-Sreevalsan J Menon- Live Concert), all other activities will be continued as usual.  New Downloads will be provided in the new server.

I am sure that you will continue your support to this blog in this time of difficulty..

An Announcement – Download Page

All files are re-uploaded once again in Server 2..Happy Musical Journey to all Friends and Visitors


Dear Friends/Visitors

The following files were temporarily deleted from the server due to excess usage of storage space. These files are again uploaded Server 2 . Please do visit again..  🙂

Concerts of  T.V.Sankaranarayanan-All ConcertsLink updated on 11/05/2014

#138-T.V.Sankaranarayanan-Live Concert-AIIMS-Delhi-1990 –
#139- T.V. Sankaranarayanan-Live Concert-Houston_TX-USA
#140- T.V. Sankaranarayanan-Live Concert-South India Fine Arts NewJersey 2002

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Concerts of Maharajapuram Santhanam – Link updated on 12/05/2014

#115-Maharajapuram Santhanam-Live Concert
#118-Maharajapuram Santhanam-Live Concert 1989

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Sibling Concerts – Link updated on 11/05/2014

#47-Priya Sisters – Live Concert at Siva Temple Hyderabad
#64-Thrissur Brothers – Navarathri Concert, Changambuzha Park, 15-10-2010
#149-Hyderabad Brothers-Live Concert
#151-Priya Sisters -TyagaBrahmaSabhaConcert-June2009
#152-Malladi Brothers-Podhigai TV Concert-
#153-Hyderabad Sisters-Live Concert 2011
#155-RadhaJayalakshmi-Live Concert-1962

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#158-Mangala Krithis-The importance of Madhyamavathi in singing Mangalam

The importance of Madhyamavathi in singing Mangalam

Every concert has come to an end and musicians invariably choose Raga Madhyamavathi for conclusion. Some other auspicious ragas like Dhanyasi, Sourashtram, Asaveri, Sreeragam, Manirangu, Yadukulakamboji, Mohanam, Ghanta,Mangalakaisiki,Vasantha, Surutti,Nadanamakriya etc also takes the place, but the hot favourite has always been Madhyamavathi.

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