Pictures of God

#8-Thiruchanoor Padmavathy -Brahmotsavam 2012

#7-Lord Shiva and the number 5

#6-Pancha Bootha Sthalams or Temples of Five Elements


#5-Maha Ganapathy Darshan

 \\|| ॐ ||//

 Namo Vrat Pataye, Namo Ganapataye
Namo Pramatha patye, Namste Stu Lambodaraya Ekdantaya,  Vighna Nashine Shiva Sutaya,
Sri Varad Murtiye Namo Namah




#4-Amazing Darshan of Lord Hanuman

 The  photographs displayed are snapshots taken during a Ramayana Discourse..

That’s a great topic ! Worth Listening

I am Blessed to hear this




#3-Om Namo Narayanaya

Not everyone is blessed with this gift and if  you do, kindly share it.






And…If you like these Download here


#2-Aadi VeLLi ungaLai aati vidum...

.No jokes, some very dramatic “made-up” Ammans.  Just take a look at these Amman Pictures during Aadi Month.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If You like it Download here


#1-Lucky People Saw This!!!!

Just take a look at these rare photographs of Thirupathi Balaji

25 thoughts on “Pictures of God

  1. Namaskaram Medam, Your Blog is just brilliant in all aspects. may God bless you in all your efforts to spread the knowledge !

  2. I am really amazed by your depth of knowledge in Music.I am only a listener, no knowledge of carnatic music.I learnt quite a bit today. Your web is like a Bible to me.Have you ever lived before in England.I visited one Mahesh a software consultant worked at that time for Ford UK(some 13/15 years ago) wife a Veena player, has he ever worked in Commonwealth Institute.Was he associated with UK TI London in the past and moved later to Chennai.I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you will contribute more and more in the field of music particularly in eliminatiing diseases like Cancer, liver, kidney and mental illness etc.I wish to put you in touch with one of my friend/s
    Dr Kumaresan,FRCS, SIVA ENT clinic, Chennai, who would be interested in arranging a lecture on a topic like Music and curing of illhealth in Chennai.Kindly provide your emai and also possibly in Bangalore by another friend Dr Vijayan, FRCS,Consultant Sri SathyaSai Baba Hospital, Bangalore.
    Dr R.Chandrasekhar
    Welwyn, Herts AL72NA, England

    • Hello Dr. Chandrasekhar

      Welcome to this musical abode. Thank you very much for the kind words of appreciation. I would like to inform you that I am not a music therapist. I am only a music teacher and whatever little I have learned from my most respected Gurus, I am penning down it here, so that it is of use to others who are very passionate about music. But I can say that I personally experience wellness through music whenever I am stressed out or have a headache. My mail id is

  3. Today, first time, I came across of your blog.
    You would have spent hundreds of hours for providing
    valuable information to the society.

    No word is available in the earth sufficient enough to express
    our gratitude for your noble service.

    = sankarcs

    • Hello Sankar CS

      It makes me so happy when I hear it from some other person who truly understands the efforts I have put in to build this blog on music.

      Thank you very much for all generous words and appreciation. Please keep visiting..:)

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